Liquid glass for car

Crystal liquid (or wax) is a solution alkaline of silicates of sodium or of potassium. The normal state of these compounds is a liquid, but in air dry and they are formed on the surface of the film. To impart certain technological qualities introduced by various additives.

Choose the Polish depends, in the first place, since the color of the car. This is because the dark and light colors refract light in different ways. Special restrictions on the use of liquid crystal is not. Sometimes there may be pressure on the piece, but more often set the technology of washing. The duration of the preservation of the results of the application of the liquid crystal depends on the application of the recommended special shampoos.

Manufacturers of liquid crystal display for car ensure that the result of the treatment the body will continue for several years, but subject to the fulfillment of all the recommendations. With due care for the body warranty is 2 years. However, it would be fair to consider not the time to the appearance of a loss of Brightness to the painting, and the number of washes, such as the use of standard detergents, leads to the destruction of the layer. Especially means a composition that contains abrasive additives.

Polishing of liquid crystal

Liquid crystal applied to the surface of the body to preserve the paint in its original form or to hide his faults occurred during the operation.

The thickness of the layer exceeds 1.5-2 times the thickness of the other Polish that offers a guarantee of result.

liquid crystal

The body is constantly exposed to various influences that lead to the destruction of paint and varnish coatings. So, to preserve the original finish, it is advisable for the treatment of the body immediately after the purchase of cars. And liquid crystal display for car use not only for the body, but also for other pieces of glass or hood. Its application allows to obtain a layer that will serve as a reliable protection from the effects of corrosion and other factors, and will also help to eliminate minor defects and keep the brightness of the paint coatings.

The benefits of polishing it with liquid glass

Treatment of the painting of the bodywork of the vehicle liquid crystal display is an innovative technology that allows to obtain several advantages:

  1. The layer of wax is a reliable protection against mechanical and chemical influences;
  2. The factory coating is guaranteed to remain in its original shape and is held by a mirror effect;
  3. The optimal balance of cost of funds and the duration of the effect of its use;
  4. The elimination of many small defects arising from the inappropriate use of the car wash;
  5. The durability of the layer;
  6. If necessary, you can quickly correct color when the loss of the light;
  7. Waterproof wax is not allowed to accumulate on the surface of the body, the dirt and the water is removed;
  8. The material that provides protection from ultraviolet radiation;
  9. Increases the durability of varnish when heated;
  10. The coating prevents static electricity;
  11. The strength of the material is guaranteed by the introduction of additives special;
  12. The car retains an attractive appearance due to the absolute transparency of the liquid crystal, which retains the brightness and increases the depth of color.

The application of the technology

application of liquid crystal

Application of liquid glass on the truck, despite the simple technology, requires the strict compliance with all the requirements of the manufacturer of the Polish.

Before starting the work, the surface must be thoroughly clean and dry. The temperature of the air in the room must be in the range of 10°-40°C, otherwise, the desired effect will not succeed. The composition is prepared strictly in accordance with the attached instructions and apply in small portions on its surface. After that the material is partially dried, it is ground with special equipment.

The drying time depends on the temperature at which the procedure is performed. At temperatures of over 25°C for dry matter there is enough with 10 minutes. If the temperature is 10°-20°C, the duration of this process is the increase to 20 minutes. At temperatures lower than 10°C from the event to be abandoned.