A tool for the hot wax - what is this?

Regular processing services, car body wax, and exploit – this is the most effective and the best ways to recover the original appearance of the machine throughout a very long time. Apart from this, the coating formed a thin protective layer of paintwork and then polishing-saving vehicle, road dust and rocks flying in to meet a detrimental effect on the water.

hot wax for your car

The best protection for the machine and similar effects, a tool for the hot wax. Owners comments and to celebrate, the body is cracked This item is only one view, more shiny and attractive. What is it that you consider this tool in our today's article.


As a start we should note that almost all protective formulations (including, and car wax with protective properties represent a different exploit. According to car manufacturers for new machines less than 3 years of age it is best to use that exploit, not abrasive. The main difference is that the wax in the absence of any coarse particles which may damage the Varnish Coating on a layer of a thin body.

Together, these tools give you?

Hot wax is the most common tool for material includes silicon. However, some manufacturers with this item for the outfit, their products, fearing such a polishing quickly lose protective properties. However, as practice shows, both vehicles can protect the entire body lacquer 6 to 12 months.

What protects?

Hot wax the car for a very solid car, with features such as processing the body after exposure to service your machine protected factors such as:

1. Ultraviolet rays.

2. Acid rain.

3. Hard water.

4. Poor quality detergents.

And, of course, able to cope with this polishing, lead, dust, sand, small stones and other items from the pavement.

Pingue constitute a tool for the hot wax as it can be an ingredient by nature, synthetic and natural. The tool that melts at a temperature of between 40 and 90 degrees Celsius. Carnauba wax often famous manufacturers with their product. This is a wonderful top quality appearance and protective properties of wax you are the owner. Kanob almost completely transparent, hard and has a high melting point, and accordingly, longer kept paintwork coating.

the application of hot wax for all vehicle types

Application types

Handling car wax (waxing) can be of two types:

  • It's warm.
  • Cold.

The first method is the most common complicated road conditions. In this case, equal to the car of hot wax is applied, a thin layer of all of the space on a single machine. The car at the end if it is protected against corrosion and other corrosive effects to the body surface for a long time, and metal.

The same process applies to cold, isolation and defect removal, paint coating only. The wax that is applied by friction with the surface normal is doing the machine any cloth.

Yes, hot wax auto can be fairly complex and expensive process is not accessible to every car owner. In this context, these materials are used instead of several hundred ordinary paraffin. Exploit using cold processed and already containing a small fraction of the wax.

It should also be noted, top quality vehicle coverage, car body polishing, kanob that contains the item. This substance, wax, natural origin only trees that are growing and going, not only Brazil. But let's not forget, its not enough quantity for all vehicles, now of abuse in the world. Therefore, it is not clearly an inexpensive cost.

Making the right choice between a shine and protection

Give a shine exploit tool you can use as you like кузову particles containing silicon. But bright paint coating and protection – these are two different concepts. Therefore producers are not reliable, I promise, shine and protection of the machine at the same time is a long time. Silicone not only protects their properties, automatic dust and stones, disrupt a coat of wax at the same time, the previously made vehicle. Finally something useful: any paint not only covered in glitter or just a machine with an invisible layer of protection.

more information on hot wax like a car

Produce here waxing the car?

This is why you can make a machine tool, both independent and professional workshop. In the first case, the vial inventory you need to buy a variety of Polish and a dry cloth to handle the body. It should be noted that this process is not difficult and does not require any professional skill. Most importantly, this before – rinse the machine thoroughly and allow to dry thoroughly.

Meanwhile, car wax - this is also very expensive. This capacity is enough for a few applications. Roughly speaking, you can use a bottle of this about a 1 year.

So, we have learned such a hot wax machine and which provides a tool for function and protection for the paint coating.