Polishing liquid glass with their own hands: the process of technology

polishing of the body liquid crystal

All the cars strives to ensure that your vehicle is always looked well kept and clean. In order to achieve a result similar to the modern polishing compound. Not so long ago on the shelves of the shop is only the classical tools. But today the most popular polished with liquid glass.

What this means

Polishing of liquid crystal is performed with a special basis of the composition. This Polish is made on the basis of silicate of sodium or potassium. Production of material is carried out by melting quartz sand with soda. The result of this treatment is of a high quality of the composition and at the same time safe product designed to restore the luster to the vehicle.

What do you need

Polishing of liquid crystal requires preparation of the vehicle. However, before starting this work, it is recommended that you check the whole collection of varnishes. Along with this tool is to the sale the following tools:

  • the basis of the composition and the agent for curing;
  • the pipette can be easily mix with the components;
  • special fiber designed for manual polishing;
  • gloves of protection;
  • soft sponge;
  • towel.

If there is a tool that is recommended to buy it separately. Otherwise, carefully Polish, the body does not work.

Vehicle preparation

Vehicle preparation

To Polish your car with liquid crystal display is a success, is to prepare the body. To get started:

  1. Wash thoroughly the vehicle to remove all dirt, dust and insects.
  2. The surface of the body should be well degreased. For these purposes, it is recommended to use the white spirit, diluted in clean water. Should not be used for degreasing means a composition that contains low-quality alcohols or silicones. After processing the car must be dried.
  3. If, before applying the liquid glass body was covered in Polish, which must be removed completely. Otherwise the new layer will be very bad to stay on the surface of the body. This greatly shorten its useful life.

Where to celebrate the polishing

Car polishing liquid glass should be on a small platform. The site should be dry, well-ventilated. In operation, the temperature should be 10-40 degrees above zero. Experts recommend to Polish the body in the garage. If the procedure will be carried out on the street, the car was put under the canopy.

When applied to a special composition on the surface of the body, you must avoid getting in the car of dirt, dust and direct sunlight.

What you should consider

Polishing of car body liquid glass is a process time. If you are a beginner in the activity, it is worth bearing in mind some simple rules. In the first place, not to apply specially formulated for use throughout the body. Must be covered with a small piece first. This will allow you to assess how liquid crystal adheres to the surface of the vehicle. If you get the expected result, you can safely proceed to the polishing of the car.

It's also worth bearing in mind that apply should body little by little, the treatment from section to section. For example, you can start with a bumper and finish of the cover. When a part of the vehicle will be object of treatment completely, you can start polishing the next one. This approach is necessary for two reasons. So the treatment of the body will run more efficiently. In addition, the Polish does not dry quickly.

How to apply liquid glass

What you should consider

Polishing of liquid crystal must begin with the creation of a special composition. Before the mixture of the components is carefully studied the user manual and done everything as it States. Otherwise, the Polish will turn evil. When the dough is ready, you can begin to apply to the surface of the body. In this case you should proceed with great care.

Any part of the body should apply a small amount of Polish, and then grind all with a soft cloth, that should be included. In carrying out this work you must ensure that the surface to keep the dust out. When fully processed throughout the body, it is necessary to leave the vehicle alone for about six hours. The cover is a little dry.

It should be noted that full hardening of the liquid crystal is held on the 14th day after the application. During this period, it is not recommended to wash the vehicle, especially in the car wash. After the surface is completely protected from moisture, sunlight, salts and other problems.

It is possible to speed up the process

While taking the time of polishing liquid glass? Comments from owners indicate that the whole process of body while doing great work takes approximately 6 hours. Many may not survive so long. the question, therefore, arises whether it is possible to speed up the process of polishing? A simplified the use of additional tools, such as grinding machine. While polishing, you have to collect a soft polishing pad. It is done through the application of liquid crystal only in average speed. To put extra stress on the sanding machine for polishing is not recommended. Otherwise, the surface begins to overheat.

If there is no sander, then, in the work, you can use an electric drill equipped with a special accessory for the fixation of laps for polishing.

How much will it cost

Polishing liquid glass with their own hands is much cheaper than polished in the showroom. It is worth noting that the price of quality products is 3-6 thousand rubles. Of course, the cost of liquid crystal is much higher than the normal polishes. However, this coating is much more long. Applying the same liquid crystal display does not require special tools and special skills. And this, in turn allows you to save money.

At the end

It is possible to speed up the process

After polishing the body with liquid crystal form a smooth and clean finish. The vehicle becomes more pleasant appearance. If necessary, this coating can be updated. It should be noted that the liquid crystal that is located on the surface of the body for a year. The coating can withstand up to 50 visits specialist car wash. In addition, for the care of the body and it only requires a clean and a bottle of water.

Polishing liquid glass in the house - that is real. The most important thing is to provide all the necessary tools and the patience. You can then start to work.