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Then when purchasing a new car, every owner wants a coating to keep the paint bright and shiny for as long as possible. Unfortunately, in our country, from being very ideal climate and road conditions, the car pretty quickly, it loses its original brightness and dignity, by being closed, minor scratches. This not only deprived shine machine, body brightness at the same time promote corrosion together because the factory paint is losing a certain portion and protective properties. Particles, such as sand and gravel, by affecting daily, the coating literally act like the nest, layer by layer, shooting secretly, reagents for electrophoresis, washing lots of the motorway are processed by a catalyst for speeding up the process of corrosion. Rough wash helps protect the integrity of the coating. In this context, a quite natural desire, a motorcycle, coating machines, and various protective polishing. Liquid glass Auto in the domestic market, which was introduced very long time ago, so far the most optimum acceptable methods of protection, there are references to the most enthusiastic auto glass polishing liquid.


On the contrary, such a common way of protection as the application of different polishes, typically, the wax containing liquid glass protection automatic processing, the paint is much more effective.


Automatic liquid glass for the first birthday in Japan. This was in 2008. The polishing composition includes silicon dioxide and silicate compounds that would be, it's an application that allows not just a tool, but it's glass. This will prevent small glass and a chance of rain during the divorce, not included wipers while driving. Applied liquid glass auto score instantly removes just, scrapes and minor scratches, but paint your color deeper and richer. Liquid glass effect manifested repel dirt, flying dirt under the wheels, even coating and that almost destroyed easily rinsed using water bottles.

Coating machines, liquid glass, car owners, in the opinion of to achieve quite an impressive advantage in comparison with other types of safety:

  • the resulting film, high strength, amount and the next 1.5 years;
  • loses shine and tarnish not paint, fireproof constantly under the influence of UV rays;
  • provided excellent protection from scratches and small chips;
  • the anti-static effect - no longer the body of accumulated static voltage metal parts;
  • increased stability film, liquid glass, chemically active substances;
  • liquid glass coating auto and apply yourself the opportunity to say that it's not too hard comments.
Tip!Use protection, liquid glass, immediately after purchasing an automated machine run better anyway, preparation, processing, Polish should you custom made services.



Why auto glass of liquid with his own hands for the necessary prepare everything with care, the surface being machined. The need for this procedure because of less enough even for a new car paint coating meter output persistent pollution, micro-cracks, clogged dirt, bitumen stains and scars, insect - all you need to completely remove the surface automatic. In addition, the first cover machine, liquid glass, score experienced drivers, the cost of repair, all visible scratches and chipped paint coating.

All you need to start with a special shampoo to wash the application tool. This should be used for high pressure washing. This will remove the paint coating and the base, the display portion of the bend. After that, Paste Special, auto abrasive treatment is recommended, in this way it is deleted, because the smallest dirt particles accumulated microcracks liquid glass auto, owners of the score, they only seal "shall be", but it does not hide.

Points that should be noted, bitumen and tracking bugs - you can use special cleaners to get rid of them.

After that, all surfaces of the oil using alcohol-based solutions. For this solvent, since you cannot, the effect is the exact opposite. In the final stage, the car re-cleaned under high pressure but without using any Chemistry already, just by wiping with a clean dry cloth wipe with clean water. Liquid glass is now more a machine.

Important!All the work is to be done off, no drafts, direct sunlight and dust particles. The car must be cold processed.



After running all the necessary cleaning procedures, you can start the application liquid glass auto. Wilson can be recommended for independent use liquid glass auto. This high quality quite acceptable with a value of 300 ml jar sold, just coating 5-6 (on average per machine is sufficient for 50 ml). It is a common mistake that make it not worth while to cover the entire vehicle immediately and quickly, the better polishing every detail (bumper, fenders, hood) alternately. This will allow you to create a smooth coating.

The application of Polish with the sponge and goes to private (mostly color) microfiber cloths - alignment for them has ended. Liquid glass auto apply, application instructions, and only your help that comes with the sponge, in circular motions soft. In parallel with compound handle and a protective plastic/chrome plating auto parts (headlights, front grill, bumper). Then, how successful and liquid glass to completely cover the process of starting the machine to give sufficient time for the composition to polymerization in this period, usually approximately 45-60 minutes. But enough to ease more before liquid glass auto, video, all look the same, preferably some that will help you to avoid mistakes.

After the timeout expires, you can start the alignment ended. You must use this napkin set. It's not important enough to do that in this chaotic, unsystematic movements. For best results, to make it even better, for example, movement, top-down processing for the plot plot. Applied for this reason, liquid glass auto, score and video materials, a network guarantee that allows you to achieve a dazzling brightness, a stubborn, a very long time.



Automatic liquid cover glass better to start with what it is worth, immediately after purchase, in a hall, then to periodically update this coating. In this case, the result is clear - gloss and gloss finish paint, a significant reduction in both the amount of required visits, car wash, because the processing machines, which gives excellent hydrophobic properties Appearance liquid glass - dirt lingers with him significantly less.

This liquid glass coating auto, already have a solid lifespan, of course, return primitive old paint coating, but, nevertheless, is a tool to transform the appearance to the extent possible and appropriate to achieve this protection. Coating machines, liquid glass, in this case there are a number of features to accomplish this, self-control, of course, but in the absence of Education, count, long-lasting coating is not required.

Processing machines, liquid glass, score and the duration of to think about saving paint coating provides, on average, six months and one and a half years, depending on certain operating conditions, and climate. Automatic liquid glass services cover specialized centers, score a good amount of enough to get by, especially scratched and chipped paint on the machine number in advance, to resolve. Though, enough video auto-glass is coated with a liquid preparation and handling to understand that a professional made the experts a hand, this value the money spent.

The answer is, the question is, how much cover the cost Auto or machine liquid glass, liquid glass, it's completely impossible. It all depends, the preparatory work and the manufacturer polishes the upcoming volume. But in any case, regardless of its current state with a paint coating, glass, automatic liquid processing, there is only positive comments. Most importantly, remember that periodic updates of such coating.