A coating of auto wax pros and cons of the procedure

There are a large number of different tools for the processing of the car body after wash. Some of them, such as a wax for a car to perform a range of protective properties. Today we will discuss the basic types and functions of wax layers and the technology of its application on the machine.

The coating process

The functionality of wax and cleaning agents

The wax on the car designed to protect the painting from external influences. It creates a protective film that keeps the vehicle's body from minor damage, including cracks and scratches. If at the time of the application of wax painting was already damaged, the wax will hide imperfections and prevent the entry of salt water and other chemically active components which act on the metal and cause corrosion. Therefore, the wax of the car provides additional protection for the body against oxidation and UV rays. If the car has more extensive damage, please read the article about the body Polish.

Wax after washing the car improves the appearance of the machine, making lcp more brilliant. The coating that provides the shedding of water droplets from the car and remove the appearance of stains after drying. Because of this, the coating of wax makes washing the body and lengthens the interval between cleanings.

Varieties of wax

All types of wax are separated by several classifications. One of them is based on the properties of the composition and the waxes are divided into the following categories:

  • liquid;
  • in the form of spray;
  • solid;
  • synthetic.

Spray the less attractive kind of packaging because it is very resistant to mechanical stress. This wax washes off after a few washings, so it must be applied very often, however, it is not difficult.

Liquid wax

Liquid wax resists better the influences, in comparison with the previous type. Its application can be found in the imposition of a substance that's special to clean the body, followed by friction.

Hard wax of other types different methods of application. It is applied to dry the surface of the body. The process takes a lot of time, but the protective layer lasts up to 3-4 months or more.

As for synthetic wax, that is the strong, so that the layer lasts up to six months on the painting of the surface. The composition is applied, simply because they sell in liquid form. This wax is included in the composition of shampoos specific for cars.

Classification of waxes according to the method of application

According to the method of merger of automotive waxes are divided into the following types:

  • hot;
  • cold;
  • Penn.

The cold is a liquid special, which contains a large amount of surfactants cationic and emulsified wax. The coating is applied manually, but it has a drawback associated with a small durability. To maintain the effect, repeat the treatment after every wash.

Hot wax is a fatty substance natural/artificial origin. It melts at a temperature of 90 degrees. One of the most quality type of wax is Candelilla, as it is completely transparent and melts at a high temperature, and therefore resists wear and tear. The material that retains its performance for six months or more. Many substances in this category contains corrosion inhibitors in the composition.

Hot wax on a car
The technique to apply the hot wax is the breeding of your hot water, followed by polishing with a cloth or sponge. The main disadvantage of the product is the high price.

Foam wax characteristics similar to that of hot but differs in the method of application. To apply this coating, to hand is impossible, since this requires a special equipment. Allows you to create a froth by supplying air and water to the wax composition. The use of this technology provides a high degree of contact of the foam and emulsion paint.

The origin of the waxes for cars

The following classification of wax to the machine involves the separation of materials at source. According to this criterion, the compounds are divided into the following categories:

  • minerals;
  • synthetic;
  • bee;
  • plant.

The properties of these types of wax are very similar, therefore, to consider this criterion when choosing cold or hot wax for cars can not be ignored.

Characteristics of the different types of wax

The wax on the car must be chosen taking into account its price, as cheap products after coating quickly loses its original properties. Liquid and solid material is usually treated the body of new cars and girls of up to five years.

By machines appropriate abrasive polishes and waxes. They differ in that this creates a defence of the body, and Polish improves the appearance of the paint to the removal of the surface of the varnish layer.

Polish with wax

Wax with abrasives works like traditional polishes, so when choosing the makeup that I want to consider this option. Abrasive wax compositions necessary to freshen the appearance of the machine of any default, including faded paint or scratches.

Abrasive components are of different degrees of hardness. The solid is similar to a grain of sand.

For the new machine without defects in the paint coating the body should use the wax without content abrasive components.

Features of the application of waxes

As mentioned above, manually apply the wax on a car of any kind, with the exception of Penn. In each case, the creation of a protective layer is necessary to take care of the cleaning the body from contamination, thoroughly wash it. Wash preferably without contact.

Do not attempt to cover the car wax in the sun, and before the work carefully shake the mixture. Independent processing of the body of wax is applied to dry after washing the surface, followed by rubbing with a cloth or napkin.

Keep in mind that the liquid wax is often included in the cost of the cleaning or application is offered as an element of payment services. The feasibility of this option is debatable, since the service increases the cost of washing the car, and save the result you must repeat the procedure every time. This is due to the relatively low cost of the application of this type of wax.

As for the hard wax, the cost of its application to the body can reach to 10 thousand rubles and more, as the technology is more complex. In addition, the materials are very expensive – that also is impossible to forget.

Keep in mind that the liquid wax and materials, in the form of spray is much more widespread in comparison with synthetic and solid waxes. This is due to the high cost of applying the material on the painting. Of course, such a wax is not suitable for General use at home. Is designed for the processing of expensive cars in order to save the body from damage. The application of this wax manually by yourself, it is not always possible due to the complexity of the technological process. Car wash car shampoo with wax content or to apply a liquid composition much easier.

Recommendations for drivers

Finally, I want to give you some tips on how to manage the body of car wax and the correct way to wash the car to improve its appearance:

  1. When you use a shampoo with wax car wash need hot water.
  2. Try to make all the moves in the same direction – from top to bottom.
  3. Better cleaning efficiency of the machine when washing the glove use lambskin, so it is better to clean the surface of the body, in comparison with the traditional sponges.
  4. Wheels better wash it with another sponge cake.
  5. Try not to use to wash silicone tools or shampoos with acid and alkali.

Adhering to these simple recommendations and the application of wax to the paint of the body, your car will maintain its original appearance and delight you.