Polishing car wax car types

Drivers, additional processing times of the suggestions I've heard to visit a special washing machines on the network.

I agree too, of course, do not regret at all. Is Automatic is not only clean and extremely bright, especially in the game the rays of the sun.

The liquid hot wax coating

Today, when we talk about this process, wax process, what kind of a candle is there, there are very basic and their advantages and disadvantages.

That is, processing services, car body wax?

The main purpose of the waxy coating on the surface of the body is improved and the appearance of automatic creation of a special protective film.

During this process the wax particles sufficiently warmed, causes, melting them.

In this way, the wax has the ability to fill all cracks, a layer of paint. Leveling is happening.

In sunny weather place almost completely mirror the car bodywork by creating a magnificent light rays that are reflected shine.

An important factor of the application, waxing, and body protection .

This incentive is a water-repellent film.

As you certainly noticed, the small droplets of the sinking of surface water after treatment with wax of your car.

As a result of training this time and a protective film. Machine tool way saving not only harmful reagents, at the same time, UV exposure as well as natural ingredients, for example, resin.


Polishing to remove the machined surface is significantly easier.

Justice means, and wash off any dirt much better.

Any car wax

Just 4 main kinds of features of the superstructure that is used for wax processing.

The hot wax.

With the divorce this wax before applying hot water. It is difficult to apply the process.

It requires a lot of a candle, evenly spray the surface auto wash the entire vehicle immediately after the meeting.

Next is given to dry for approximately five minutes, then an over-erased and polishing with a soft cloth or wash with water.

The main advantages of this kind of creating is like the wax, dense, protective layer that provides corrosion protection.

This is a very long time if you continue waxing with the process yield. The disadvantage is that a time consuming process implemented.

Cold wax.

Similar friction a wax coating applied by the paint tool.

This process is made considerably easier. As a result, the vehicle is a mirror-bright, however, the movie in this method the application of the wax, the less durable.

Hot wax

Solid wax.

The application handles all other types of solid wax is the hardest thing.

His purified instituted the surface of the fairing, then spend the necessary advanced polishing.

Formed coating has an emergency and moisture-resistant, impact, influence, longest running up to 4 months.

Highlight the gaps coating process time.


Such wax is the easiest to application. Soft suede flannel fabric surface after washing, or pounded and he sprayed automatic.

In this case, a thin protective layer is created that gives the vehicle a bright shine.

Unfortunately, this film is easily rinsed. The wax coating to be applied after a wash or two is usually adequate for protection again.

To summarize

At the end of the article, say, car wax protective coating along with other activities to make sure that the fairing surface – sink, anti-corrosion treatment, polishing, etc.

The surface of the paint, a bitter user automatically in the first place.

The task of maintaining the vehicle owner, a maximum, or at least a devastating impact to minimize harmful environmental factors.


This priority attention to save the car long more drivers the original appearance, without training, micro-cracks, a layer of paint and that, as a result of corrosion foci without training.