Car coating, liquid glass

Liquid crystal car has received in recent years widespread as one of the most modern materials used for the protective coating of the body. Application of liquid crystal has demonstrated its effectiveness: in addition to improving the aesthetics of the automobile, the protective properties of the coatings last up to 12 months.

What is the liquid glass for cars, what components it consists? Why it gives the car a bright appearance, and provides protection? What is the cost of materials and coating liquid crystal? It is possible to apply liquid crystal, and that this requires?

coating with liquid glass

The answers to these questions can help motorists, scipio, protection coating for your car, to make the right decision.

Liquid crystal display for car – what is it and why is it necessary

Body – the most visible and expensive part of the car, it is for this reason that the care and the protection against the adverse effects always in demand. Time auto body, used for the protection of polished material of wax base, but the technology has opened the possibility of using compositions based on compounds of silicon.

In fact, the core of the so-called glass or ceramic in common sand. It is not exactly the sand and the silicate – salt of the silicon compound.

Alkaline solutions of silicates of sodium or of potassium has long been known and used in the construction (waterproofing) and at home (office glue). By the way, sometimes produce liquid glass and as glass normal: sintering of sand, for example, regular soda at high temperature.

The main ingredients of the coating are the following:

  1. Additives of oxides of titanium and aluminum in a particular technology in the material that contains silicon dioxide (sand),
  2. Liquid silicone based
  3. Surface active agents (surfactants),
  4. Chemical compositions used in the manufacture of films polymeric.

The titanium oxide forms a thin film of thermal protection material at the level of nano-particles, and therefore, modern liquid crystal on the basis of the full carry of the nano. This substance gives the film a glossy sheen.

The surfactant used as the ingredient contained in the detergents. Surfactant is needed to "push" remaining on the prepared surface of the body of clay particles that can interfere with the process of the formation of the layer.

before and after

Silicone-based is used to prevent oxidative processes and to improve the adhesion ("adhesion") of coating to the surface of the body.

The rest of the components can be used in various proportions, but "sand" is the base liquid crystal, which improves the characteristics of resistance of the layer remains unchanged.

What makes the paint of your vehicle liquid crystal display, in addition to Shine?

In the first place, that is more solid that the car paint surface.

The hardness, by the way, is defined as the same as a stick of graphite and has an index of "H".

However, it should be remembered that the hardness of the layer will depend on the preparation of the surface to protect:

  • for new cars, covered in "solid" industrial coatings, end (after the application), the hardness of the surface is maximum;
  • in the painted surfaces of the hardness of the coating will be lower than for coatings of new cars, due to the fact that the repair lacquer, as a general rule, "soft";
  • provide uniform hardness for vehicles with a significant experience in all problematic, because in addition to paint (and even, perhaps, in different moments) parts of the body and which may require different (even abrasive) prior preparation of these parts.

Liquid crystal creates a layer, capable of more than a car Polish to prevent chips, scratches, small dents not only because of the high hardness, but due to a certain plasticity. And, of course, the extra layer of protection of the environment is aggressive.

Often, in the advertising materials in the molten glass can be found the assertion that the layer for improving the color saturation of the body and makes it more deep and intense. Of course, these accusations have no more than a myth.

Even if the transparency of the layer was perfect (transmittance of 100%, which in reality does not happen), the brightness and the saturation of the original color it would be better to keep. Another thing is that the coating components significantly reduce the harmful influence on the ink to ultraviolet radiation, as long as possible while keeping the "native" color.

After the proper coating to the car and, after long journeys, the car is rinsed with clean water without the use of detergents – the shiny surface of the body instantly restored.

Of the disadvantages of the layer of liquid crystal it should be noted that, unless a high total (material plus labor) cost of the process. In addition, the complexity of the process, prior preparation of the surface, especially for cars with mileage, very large.

How long is the car a coating of liquid glass?

Main producers include the durability of the layer with the preservation of the basic properties for two to three years. For reviews of Russian motorists, the average of the durability of this type of coatings on Russian roads – 1 year.

Surface preparation and the coating of car liquid crystal

car wash

The process of applying the liquid crystal is multi-stage and complicated, because not every driver will be able to take him in my arms.

First of all, the necessary preliminary preparation of the surface of the body and optics – hardly a good combination of glitter paint and dim the lights. Therefore, the first step before coating, – thorough washing and drying of the body.

Working with liquid crystal display is produced in the interior with the certain requirements to the content of dust in the air and the lighting of the work place. It is better in this sense fit the space of the painting of the chambers.

In addition to the requirements of the room, there are also requirements for the special tool (polishing machine, installation for the drying of pieces), and skilled artists – which is the reason why a single layer of liquid crystal is possible only with certain skills and working conditions.

The following stages of the coating – degreasing and primary polishing of the surfaces of the body, optics and glasses. For vehicles with mileage this phase can take a considerable time: to remove the deep defects in the paint may need to be polished with the materials abrasives, is not always valid for the specific condition of the varnish in one particular place.

If, after the primary polishing defects still remain (we are talking about small damage, deep scratches) on them to carry out additional work.

The next step is to finish ("mirror") polished – is the result, and should keep for as long as possible liquid crystal display.

Layers of liquid crystal – milestone.

The layers can be up to 10-12 (of course, if the technology is observed, the more the better), but not less than 4: preliminary, main and final two.

The last phase is the application of nanoceramics – drying coatings (as if the sintering composition). This process also requires a lot of time and can reach up to 12 or 15 hours.

Characteristics of the coating machine liquid crystal display with their hands


When the coating of the hands with the above requirements must comply with the following guidelines:

  • if it is not possible to carry out the treatment in the indoor environment, it is necessary to use at least the cover (in the case of a change in weather conditions). The work is preferably carried out at room temperature, between 15 oC to 40 oC, in the absence of the high content of dust;
  • degreasing is necessary to carry out the white spirit with the obligatory cleaning of the surface from old coatings;
  • polishing of the machine should be to moderate the speed restricted areas to ensure that the polishing quality is satisfactory. In the absence of polishing this machine can be done manually, but the process will be delayed (quality manual polishing medium car takes at least 5 hours);

At the end of the work vehicle is not recommended to wash two more weeks before the end of the formation of the layer. But after this period the machine will be enough weekly rinse to add shine.