Choose liquid wax for cars

The car in many families, as a member of the family. And very sad to see that this family member is aging externally, although in a technical condition, without complaints. And the reason of this premature aging is a abrasive effect on the paint. Brushed off the dust with a dry cloth – there is an invisible microscopic scratches in the varnish layer. The defense has weakened in most of the exposure to the sun and the water to improve this defect, and scratch is already becoming visible. In the end, the Shine of your car fades, all kinds of varnishes bring only a temporary effect. What to do to avoid these developments?

liquid wax

What is a liquid wax?

One of the most effective ways at the same time, affordable, is a coating of car wax. This structure prevents the ageing and wear of the coating, to a high degree facilitates the subsequent washing of the car contributes to a more rapid and effective drying after washing.

Wax to the bodywork of the vehicle when it is applied to the layer creates a protective layer having, in addition to the properties hydrophobic. The coating of wax that penetrates into the pores of the varnish prevents the penetration of moisture, dirt and corrosive chemicals in the coating and the bodywork of the vehicle.

To distinguish the treated from the body is not treated, quite easily. First, the processed body is more bright, bright. Especially if we compare the same body before the treatment and after. Second, it is more soft. If, for example, put the cloth on a surface inclined treated the car, that will easily slide under its own weight. This is not, this effect will be. Notable wax coating during washing or rain. Drops, go to balls, there is almost no blur on the surface, and the inclination of the surfaces, easy to roll.

Road of earth, to a lesser extent, penetrates and mechanically in contact with the coating, which increases the interval between cleanings of the car. And the wash is much faster and more efficient. And in addition to all these advantages wax is that its application is relatively cheap.

The advantages of the composition

Therefore, the layer of wax that the car has the following properties:

  • Gives Shine to the coat, to create a good aesthetic effect;
  • Makes washing the car because of the low penetration of particles of clay in the pores of the paint of the automobile;
  • Promotes quick drying of the vehicle;
  • Protects from dirt and dust;
  • Protects from harmful UV rays.

That the car can be covered with wax? The answer to this question is quite elementary. Waxing a new car, even recommended to the companies. This procedure will allow to preserve the car paint and for a long time to enjoy your beautiful appearance. Especially recommended for the application of wax to the bodywork of the vehicle to undergo polishing to restore worn surfaces.

wash wax

The liquid wax

Wax for the car, which is better?
In order to answer this question we need to know, and what are the modern coating of wax? The question is quite ambiguous for the reason that waxes are produced in three types:

  • Cold;
  • Hot;
  • Penn.

Cold wax for cars, as a general rule, a liquid that contains a large amount of cationic surface-active substances (surfactants), emulsion of wax. When you apply to fill cracks, bumps, scratches, creating a protective layer and a polishing of the surface. This coating makes washing the car and accelerates its drying. This wax is applied and hand-polished. The drawback of these types of waxes is their relative fragility. For best effect, preferably in your application after every one or two washings.

Hot wax for car pingue is a substance that can be both artificial and natural. The temperature of its melting point ranges between forty and ninety degrees. The ceres of well-known manufacturers often use wax of Carnauba, with full transparency, a high melting point and have a high resistance to wear. It is believed that this type of wax keeps the protective properties of six to twelve months. When the application is diluted with hot water in the appropriate proportions, and applied with a sponge or cloth and east polito. Hot waxes are often added corrosion inhibitors that stop the corresponding processes in the metal body of the car. In connection with the use of hot waxes are quite expensive raw materials, its cost is also very high.

Spray waxes have properties similar to the heat. For the application of this type of wax requires a special equipment due to the fact that in a mixture of water and wax composition of the air is supplied, thus creating, spuma emulsion, which when applied to the surface of the car it is better to keep it and more evenly polito east.

Treatment Regular car wax will allow you to keep your car in good condition for a long time.

A method of application of the wax compositions simple and possible manually, with the exception of the application of foam wax. Before the application of cars that must be washed thoroughly non-contact method wash, wipe well and you can proceed to the application. Application of a coating of wax cannot be produced in the sun. Shake before use-the good composition. The coating is applied in small sections starting from the roof of the car and slowly low. After application you should wait approximately twenty minutes and raspolirovat composition on the surface of the body. Polishing is necessary to produce a soft, dry cloth in a circular motion. Auto-apply the hot wax in the same way cold and carried out in accordance with the instructions supplied with the purchased content. Liquid wax for cars that you can buy in the online shop and on the shelves in any supermarket. It should be noted that the temperature of the coating vehicle should not differ from the temperature of the wax composition is more than twenty degrees.


Wax — extending the life of the car

The best alternative to the manual processing of your car wax composition can be attractive to specialist companies. The technology of application to these companies, guarantees the use of high quality ingredients and high quality of the cover. Car wash systems can guarantee that the professional quality of the handling of your car is quality formulations from reputable manufacturers. Allow handling with minimum costs and high protective properties.