What is the wax for car, best

Bright and well maintained car looks solid, rich, testifies to the high level of the owner. To achieve this effect, you can use the Polish and wax. This last surface treatment is most appropriate for the majority of motorists. The problems arise with the choice of wax, so that inexperienced users often are dissatisfied with their decisions and the end result. Therefore, it is necessary to decide which wax is best for the car. It is this issue and devoted this article.

the best wax for car

Understand the types of wax products chemical

In the rental market of attention are several types of wax. Not all of them are equally good, easy to apply and long stay. In addition, do not forget that the wax is applied:

  • keep the paint and Polish on the car;
  • to protect the car from external factors;
  • the reliable formation of the protective film;
  • protection against the corrosion.

So let's try that wax is better to cover the car, so that she not only shone, but was well protected and carefully prepared for its subsequent use.

  1. Wax spray

    It is no coincidence that at the beginning we chose this option to learn more about this not to mention. This is the worst example that exists. Even your easy application does not do him honor. Wash the car or get under the rain — is that enough of the wax coating has not disappeared. And you will need to re-treatment of the surface of the car.

  2. Liquid

    The following car wax product is already worth the attention of the user. Its application requires more effort, time and in compliance with the technology, but the result will be long, please. With a clean car you need to remove collected water and apply liquid wax. Wait about three minutes and clean with water. Left flare of air and carefully grate car to a sparkling Shine.

  3. Solid

    If well apply hard wax for the car, that will last three months. Can you know another name of the substance — hard wax. The application is only done on dry and clean surface, requires care in polishing or in other words, the rubbing of a substance that's waxy on the surface of the car.

  4. Synthetic

    Common means to protect the machines, which even include part of the rest of the resources for the care of the car. It has a liquid structure, which is easy to apply, lasts a long time (six months).

    Specialists advise for the winter to use a wax substance synthetic origin, and in the summer — solid or liquid wax Polish.

  5. the best wax for a car black
  6. Hot

    This type of wax creates a distinctive shine to the surface of the machine. Protective properties are also at the top. Must be used along with the hot water. If you are tormented with thoughts about how to hot wax or cold to choose from, it is better to stay on the ground. It is extremely important to choose a quality tool, such as, the Turtle. This wax is tested by many users who were happy with the result.

Choose wax? Pay attention to the color of your car

It may sound strange, but to be guided in the choice of wax must also polishes and the color of the car. Many users do not know which wax to put on the white body of the car, speculate and make bad decisions. And it was on the white car clearly visible negative impact on the environment. And car detailing products for white cars need appropriate, with the following set of characteristics:

  • providing a layer of diamond Shine;
  • to ensure a long and reliable protection;
  • prevention of dust;
  • color boost.