Polishing and the application of liquid crystal

After buying the car I was very satisfied with the condition of the paint. To wash the call is not wanted so as not to see a matte surface with small scratches. When talking with a friend, he told me about the technology of "liquid crystal" and offered to try it on my car. After the reading of the information on the Internet, I agreed to give his car for the experiment. The whole process took us two days.

The first polishing

The polishing process started with the removal of bituminous stains. Tried to remove with white spirit, but it was very slow process and not very effective, because it seems that since the release of the vehicle from the concession, the body is not clean. Had to use 2000 sandpaper. Crude, but effective. Then, 17 (3 M) of wax, and then, 75 (3 m) and finish anti-hologram 83 (3 m). The application of liquid crystal took a bit of time in the first experiment, we used a liquid crystal of a company. The manufacturer promised long-lasting protection and repellent effect for several years. He was treated in a car, the Glow became deeper, the car wash was not in two weeks, did everything according to the instructions.


After a month with the car too much difference in color in comparison with other black vehicles are not noticed, and the dirt that will stick. Once he decided to wash in the river, which is a lot of regret, scratches appeared Nemer, after washing only without contact washing, painting, no sponge, no cloth do not touch.


After a couple of months, a friend suggested the new glass the other company of Japan, the manufacturer warned that the glass adds Shine, water-repellent effect and protection from minor scratches up to 1 year, I agree. Sunday will be dedicated to this process. The polishing took much less time than the first time, at the same time experience innovations for the cleaning and polishing of the body, in particular for the cleaning used a special clay that removes dirt and stains of tar, without damage to the paint. After walking 17 (3 m) from poland and experienced with anti-hologram and regretted it, as it is applied with the use of the water that leads to what on the body are divorces, joints to be clogged, composition of the water with a Polish to remove only water with a good pressure washing of cars in the vicinity were not, and to go in times of rain to the sink to return with sand on the body is impractical, so I had to wash by hand. Then, the car body treated with a special compound for pre-treatment before the application of liquid crystal. The finish mixed liquid, covered the car, waited 10 minutes, and polished with a special cloth microfiber. While the composition reacts with the paint coating, us, at the same time coated glass anti-rain, also originally Japanese. This is basically all.