Car coating, liquid glass

Liquid glass for cars is of value in the form avtopoliroli, which began its production in 2008 by several Japanese manufacturers of chemicals for the machines.

Today, the stores can meet a variety of coating called "liquid glass for cars". The use of tools of this type of protection involves the treatment of a vehicle body.

machines Foreign manufacturers distinguish avtopolirol for cars with dark exterior color and light. Also, give a guarantee on the effectiveness of the use of the coating in 2-3 years. However, in the national workshop to cover the auto nanoceramics you the maximum guarantee for a year, due to our climate and road surfaces.

What is the treatment of liquid glass car?

Almost every self-respecting biker want, for as long as possible to maintain the original freshness and brightness of the color of the iron horse. However, in the process of operation, the lcp body has the ability to disappear, there are "webs" in the glaze, small chips. Here you and useful "protective glass".

This innovative tool can be covered as the car body and glass. The original coating this tool will allow you to protect your car from the aggressive influence of the environment. Rain drops don't leave spots, and while driving a car, you do not have to turn on the windshield wipers.

That is water-repellent effect. After the application of the ceramic coating, the color of the car to be more deep and intense, disappear minor scratches. Puddles of mud, is now indifferent, and even if a little dirt remains, it can be washed with a bottle of water.


Today a lot of people had to experience the newfangled medium known as liquid glass for cars. In the network appeared the first reviews, both positive and negative, where without them.

But in practice, the use of this tool shows that the coating can be specified by manufacturer number of car washes, but only if original tools and the correct application for the car. Complete all of the requirements for the application and processing of liquid crystal fluid in the body will not be a waste of time and money.

Perform a job with the hands

How to apply a protective coating for the car? Liquid crystal can be applied with the hands, though it is a very slow process, but it justifies the time and effort. None of the polishes didn't give this result, as Polish on the basis of liquid glass. The brightness of your car will plunge into shock, even the most ardent skeptics.

First of all, you need to wash the car, that is to say, degrease and wipe dry. If the vehicle has previous Polish, then it must be removed by mechanical means (a certain number of washes or abrasive toothpaste).

Should not be used for degreasing of the low quality of the alcohol or degreaser silicone base, and it also means that it leaves a film. It is impossible to put our protective agent in the heating part of the body, this is best done in cold condition.

The procedure for the application of the liquid crystal will take 3-4 hours of your time. All actions must be performed in a warm and dry place to avoid direct sunlight and dust. Do not apply at temperatures below +10°C and over +40°C, the most favorable temperature is considered to be + 20 degrees Celsius.


It is important not to try to RUB the whole car at the same time, you should do it in parts, piece by piece (bumper, fenders, etc.). Otherwise the Polish on the basis of liquid crystal can be dried, which could complicate the process of friction.

After the application, the cars should be left alone for a few hours for the polymerization. You should also refrain from washing the car for the first 1-2 weeks depending on the manufacturer of polishing based on liquid crystal.

Ceramic car polished

This involves polishing of quartz-ceramic coating. Foreign manufacturers offer a warranty of five years. On our way conditions of this guarantee was reduced to two years. The quality and durability of the protective coating on height, however, and the cost is much higher than other types of polishing.

When the application of this layer that form a film or a solid in the form of varnish, which is several times harder than the car. This creates a lens effect, when the true color of the car increases slightly, but nevertheless visually noticeable becoming the defects of paint. For this purpose, before applying the quartz ceramic tiles, mechanically polishing the body. Mechanical polishing to perform better angular usti polituraa detritis grinding machine. polished

A good camera should be equipped with a motor of 1300 watts and gearbox with a large gear ratio. The frequency of rotation of the tools that should be in the range of 1000 — 3000 rpm complete with machine assumes a sanding pad with Velcro, on which is fastened a variety of pads. In the quality device you will see that the assembly of plates, it is easy and convenient Velcro.

For polishing of paint and varnish coatings used fur lining. This should be done at low engine speed Metalli perpoliendi machine and without a strong pressure on the tool, otherwise you can overheat or burn the lining.