Hot wax for cars, properties and applications

Many car owners to carefully follow him, keeping the order inside and taking care of your appearance. However, even as good owners of cars, sooner or later, even while maintaining the good technical condition, it loses its attractive appearance. The reason for the slow but steady destruction of the painting. Even the most thorough dry polishing cannot protect it from scratches and microcracks. But this does not mean that there is no escape and has to give. In reality there is a more effective way to protect the paint of the car against corrosion – hot wax.

What is hot wax?

Thus, the clear leader among the different varnishes for cars is the hot wax. There are No rough particles that can damage the thin layer of varnish. The Polish is a low toxicus chemical composition, which creates a protective microfilm, as conservandae painting. The melting point for such wax ranges from 40 to 90 degrees.

Composition polishes, depending on the manufacturer, for example, is widely known among the owners of car brands add the wax of Carnauba – it is transparent, resistant to abrasion, has a high melting point, has a natural origin – a substance harvested from special trees in Brazil. Corrosion inhibitors are also frequently included in the composition of the polishes.

Use in the manufacture of wax-expensive ingredients, makes the price of hot his form is very high, so that a low value should alert a potential buyer, it's not worth the savings, as the decision is made to protect your car from harmful effects.
hot wax for cars

By the way, famous brands often resort to wax the car during the time of shipping in order to preserve the layer of varnish and paint on a single piece.

To detect the presence of a coating of wax is not easy. This is only possible in the moment of contact with the surface of the car from the water, the small droplets quickly slide down. This protection can last from 6 to 12 months. It is worth to pay attention to the fact that there is the wax not only hot, but also cold foam. They are different compounds, each of which has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages

Because of these properties, the heat has some significant advantages over other types of wax, that is to say:

  • after washing or the rain dries up faster than the car body, since the protective film repels water;
  • properties hydrophobic wax to prevent the penetration of dirt, harsh chemicals in the pores of the layer;
  • the lack of new and the extinction of the old depth of the cracks;
  • thanks Louis, you can get the best aesthetic effect.

Persistent protective effect after the application of hot wax, it is difficult to overestimate. If you think about it, you realize that a large number of factors that play in the destruction of the painting of your vehicle. It is the light of the sun, acid rain, salt, mix and more, and against them can protective wax film.

Among the disadvantages of the layer of hot wax are the following:

  • process time of the application of a buffing composition;
  • cost.

The application of hot wax: where and how?

Apply chosen wax, in this case hot, on any car. As soon as you start to carry out the polishing of the body, the better the car will look like in a few years. The main car manufacturers recommend coating of wax Polish, even a new car.

The choice of the wax for processing, it is possible to meet the inscriptions on the formulations: of cars, of light, of dark-colored or metallic. However, experts say that the fundamental difference between them.

The wax can be applied to the back of my car. It is necessary to buy a ' hot stock with a cloth before starting the work, thoroughly wash the car and give it a good dry. Then you need to prepare before the application of wax. To put it on the car surface should be pre-diluted in hot water. The proportions are respected according to the instructions. Next, this composition, which is applied with a cloth or sponge and polished.

For those who are not confident or simply do not want to Polish myself, it is possible to trust the waxing experts washing systems. The processing technology of the car in the specialized companies developed wizard and ensure good results. On the other hand, for example, wax, cold, hot, gives long-term result, does not need to be renewed after one or two washings.

The use of hot wax is not cheap. However, it is advisable to resort to this method of protecting the exterior of your vehicle, especially in the cold season, when the land and chemicals on the road it is not likely that in the painting. It is not necessary to expect the appearance of traces of oxidized enamel, deep scratches. To permanently extend the life of your car and even save him a great look, you should start regularly taking care of him. And among the polishes to prefer this kind, as the hot wax.