The benefits of the treatment body wax

If RUBBED the back of car wax and how to do it correctly? In the view of the motorists in this account is different, someone for, someone against. How it works the wax and what effect it offers.

To treat the body that you can use natural waxes of vegetable(for example, wax of Carnauba). The physical properties, natural and synthetic waxes are very similar. Both wax its fat like texture with a melting point of from 40 to 90 degrees, which does not dissolve in water, no reaction with acids and alkalis.

wax to the bodywork

What to expect the effect of working outside of the wax?

The wax has been used for the treatment of the body, in order to give an elegant appearance to the car. But in addition to this wax protects the car from various external influences. When the machine surface is rubbed with wax, is heated, melts and penetrates into all the cracks are in the surface of the body. As a result of this procedure, the surface of the car is aligned. The surface of the body becomes soft, so that the rays of the sun is reflected, not scattered in this case and because of this, the creation of this effect, the mirror image effect.

In addition to that the car shines like new, the wax protects the paint of the car. The wax forms on the back of some hydrophobic film whose properties are to dispose of the water. Since the wax does not react with alkalis and acids, thus protects the body from any chemicals and some natural substances, such as the resin of the trees of conifers. From the surface of the grated wax resin easier to clean and not leave even a trace. As well as other dirt will be easier to escape to the wash, respectively, the body is more protected from minor cracks, which can arise from a car wash.

The pros and cons of wax for auto

For the treatment of the body uses three technologies:

  1. Treatment wax cold
  2. The treatment with hot wax
  3. Treatment of hard wax

What is the difference between these waxes?

The hot wax before applying the first diluted in hot water and then applied to the body. This method helps to obtain a fairly thick layer of wax that helps protect the machine not only of different pollutants, but also from the corrosion. The disadvantage of this wax is its fast hardening, can be easily lignum dust resulting from the machine perhaps not so much Brightness.

Cold wax is applied to the surface of the body by the friction of the surface of the painting. It is very easy to apply and creates a mirror Shine and protects the surface from damage and microcracks. But the degree of protection is much lower than the hot wax.

Solid wax provides a long-lasting effect, it is sufficient to apply 3-4 times a year. Hard wax is much more difficult to apply on the surface of the car, but provides a better protective effect and more attractive.

How to manage the body of his beloved "horse" to be chosen by the owner of the car. It all depends on what the objectives of the owner of the car. In some instructions of the vehicle manufacturers specify that the wax processed body you need, the best of these tips, if you are not of the abandonment.