The choice of the wax for a car

In the process of functioning of the bodywork of the vehicle is subjected to external mechanical action of the sand, dust and other particles that can damage the surface and the coating, which leads to the activation of the process of corrosion and the gradual degradation of the paint. To protect automotive coating, it is advisable to use a special autochemistry car wax.

Deposited on the car surface with a thin protective wax film to create a reliable barrier to water, dirt, corrosive substances used on the roads. Prevents the discoloration of paint with UV light. Filling of surface cracks in the paint coating of vehicle wax layer smooths out the bumps, giving the car a Shine.


Types of waxes

All products car waxes can be divided into several main groups, which differ in the quality characteristics and the method of use.

Spray wax (spray wax) is easy to apply, in general, has a low price, but of short duration — is removed after several, and sometimes a wash. Generally not used as a layer of protection on the car and the means to improve the primary layer of protective coating, for example, after each wash, which significantly delays the time of re-processing of the car.

Hot and cold liquid wax — normally, the cheapest, and the availability of formulations that are often offered in car wash for a simple change. To be independent of the polymer does not have any value, but can be useful in order to update and maintain an existing hedge, as in the case of spray wax.

Cream waxes that are easy to use and can be applied manually or with polishing machines that often have properties not inferior to solid wax.

Hard wax is the most high-quality and durable coating, its price is usually higher than that of the counterparts. Service life varies considerably from composition to composition, but is usually a minimum of six months in the Russian conditions of operation and in the warm climate of California, for example, can be up to 5 years wax premium.

The advantages of compositions

The basis of all the previous waxes is a tree of wax, candelilla, and its role in the composition varies depending on the price and destination of the final product. In the market there are products in which the concentration of candelilla wax is 25-30%, such a high level of content is achieved the incredible strength of the final coating, because in its natural form, the candelilla wax is harder than concrete. This in turn means that we should not rely on the products of the producers of which has about 60-100% of the content of the candelilla wax in the finished wax, it is technically impossible. There are also synthetic waxes, usually presented in liquid form, but in most cases it is a waste of money (fortunately, this small).

The type of application of the wax to the bodywork of the vehicle

To apply the wax to the surface of the car with the hand or with special equipment. Spray wax is applied to clean the surface of the bodywork of the vehicle, depending on the type of product in dry or wet, and gently and without pressure polishing towel microfiber.

Liquid waxes are pre-connected with hot water or cold water in the recommended proportions. Cover with wet wax on the car surface, you can do it manually or using the cleaning equipment and afterwards to fund raspolirovat, the elimination of the excess.

Cream-wax can be applied to the desired surface using an applicator manually or with a soft polishing wheel on the lowest speed of the polishing machine, in the ideal case — orbital or rotor-orbital. After the desired surface is evenly coated with the composition, you need to wait until it starts to dry out, forming a Carpet of fog, and raspolirovat towel microfiber.

Hard wax in paste form that is applied to clean and dry the surface by hand using a damp applicator and in the final phase, you need to raspolirovat as well as the cream-wax. This is the most lens coating process, but hard wax, for himself, offers the highest degree of protection against light mechanical damage, and the upgrade procedure of the layer of protection is necessary not so often, as is the case with other types of waxes.

Regardless of the type of wax used has to comply with some guidelines for its correct and quality of the application.

Waxing is only possible in a perfectly clean and decontaminated the car surface.

The treatment has to be in a warm room, with low or average humidity level, which prevents the penetration of direct sunlight.

To provide a protective effect for the entire period of operation of the vehicle must carry out the procedure of coating with wax at least twice a year.