>Liquid glass auto body auto applied with the hands, the pros and cons

Seeing your car is always clean and well looked after dream of all the drivers. But the operating conditions are not always ideal, with time, the body fades, scratches, mud sticks. Modern product to protect the paint, known as liquid crystal, will give the car a stunning look.

liquid glass auto body

Liquid crystal – a new tool for the auto body

New in recent years is liquid crystal for manufacturers of cars that promise an impressive level of protection for the paint. The car does not stick to any dirt or water, do not damage the chemicals, the coating is protected from scratches. The ad includes a small exaggeration, but in a number of indicators significantly exceeds the usual polishes.

Liquid crystal was developed for the industry, but recently started to be applied as additional protection for the paint of your vehicle. Is different from industrial is special car Polish. The liquid applied to the surface, resulting in the crystallization and the formation of a glossy surface.

The perfect finish, brightness, gloss – stunning view of the newly purchased car. But after a few years of surface tarnish, scratches, cracks. Among the products that there are many polishes that allows you to hide minor stains and restore the look. The main limitation of the previous protection means require frequent treatment, as it lasts a long time. Liquid crystal is sufficient to apply once a year the body will shine like new.

Manufacturers guarantee stable properties and reliable protection of up to three years. In our climate and roads, as experience has shown, year and even longer the tool is used without problems. Liquid crystal is usually sold in containers of 300 ml. In the body of the car enough 50 ml. This is assuming that everything to do with the hands. This type of work in the SRT are very expensive, the prices are unjustifiably high.

Characteristics of the Polish is the effect of the application

The buffing composition of the glass contains silicates of sodium, potassium, silica and additives special to impart desired physical qualities. Due to the fact that the chemicals used in the manufacture of glass, and the appearance after application to the surface of a tool received its name. Apparently it might seem that the coating of liquid crystal is very fragile, but it is not. Thickness of the film protects the surface of the body from external influences.

They Polish the metal and plastic, then, the pieces acquire a beautiful appearance, which persists for a long time. But the appearance of one of the pros is not the end – it is also excellent protection against the chemicals on the winter roads, and scratches. In the summer of dust often cause the appearance of cracks in the paint, but a layer of liquid crystal is not allowed to accumulate in the body. Protects the paint from fading and overheating in the sun, does not lose its properties, even in the extreme heat. Dirt if and continues to cling to the body, not as much as before.

liquid glass auto body pros

Especially important function for the protection on the front of the car. Is susceptible of different impact mechanics. Even ordinary dust at high speed can penetrate deep into the paint and create the conditions for corrosion. With a layer of liquid crystal paint finish has extra protection, which takes care of all the bumps from the outside. If the damage of the protective layer to update it much easier and cheaper than the cost of repainting.

Other advantages compared to conventional expolit should include an effective elimination of small defects in the body, such as cracks, scuffs, scratches. Ensure the full translucency: the machine will not change color to show the saturation of the paint. Another feature refers to properties electrostatic. Now the static electricity does not build up in the body of the car, the driver and the passengers never strike the discharge current.

Disadvantages of liquid crystal are present, but are few and relate to the preparation of the vehicle and operating conditions. You need to carefully prepare the body and apply the material from the surface. For a long time should avoid aggressive detergents, use brushes. Not be able to destroy the protective layer directly, but will significantly reduce its service life.

After a certain period of operation of a layer takes place, requires a second application of liquid glass to the body.

What to choose – what are the criteria to come

The compositions for polishing are based with almost identical properties. Every manufacturer wants to win market and come up with original names, packaging, promises protection for a long time. If we have to discard all the promotional stunts, you can give a few tips for choosing:

  1. Orientirueshsya on the scope of application: suitable for independent work or that requires special conditions. If you decide to work in the garage, choose the one that is more suitable for this.
  2. Professional products can be quite expensive, not to mention services. Select as usual when buying a product: the most important thing – result and guarantee.
  3. Determined by the amount that you're willing to invest. Because the cans at a different price, often it is almost the same composition, and there is no need to pay more for something you can buy cheaper.
  4. Not to believe in the promises of a seller of goods and services, I think that only specific guarantees. All the promises – just someone's subjective opinion, you can't believe that the friend, the result was seen in his car with my own eyes.

Preparing the car – it depends on the durability of the layer

Everyone will tell you that before polishing the car should be clean, dry and degrease. And rightly so: the surface to be cleaned from all impurities and thoroughly wash with shampoo to cars. One caution: the shampoo should not contain the wax, should be restricted to washing.

Well to purchase drugs for the treatment of the same company, and protective agent: its use will ensure the most reliable adhesion.

Degrease the car and allow it to dry. For these purposes, you use the white spirit diluted with water. The low quality of degreasers with the consumption of alcohol or silicone, do not use. If polishing for the first time, you only have a degreasing and drying. But if the body is covered with Polish, no matter how, should be thoroughly remove even the slightest trace of the layer above.

Between the layer of liquid crystal and the painting did not allow the other intermediate layer or its remnants, otherwise, it will not produce the desired adhesion, the coating will last a long time.

Choose and prepare the place – it is better to work in the garage, but the shape and Playground, protected from the dust and dirt, moisture. It should not be cold valid zero temperature 10-40°. Work carried out in the winter in a heated garage. The strong sun heats up the car, apply liquid glass on a hot surface is impossible. On the Playground, organize the warehouse, protected from the possible rain and the light of the sun.

The owners of the cars they are interested in the possibility of the use of liquid crystal in an old painting. There are No restrictions does not exist, but first you should explore the paint and evaluating the condition. If there are major deformations, numerous chips and scratches, must be removed. To restore the body, paint it fully or partially, then it is possible to apply the remedy. This applies to new vehicles with damage.

liquid glass auto body cons

Drawing on the body – do confidence

Bought the Polish has everything you need for preparing a composition, the tools for the job.

Read the instructions and prepare a means of the introduction of a pipette hardener in the base fluid.

Apply a small amount of composition on the soft sponge from the kit and apply it on the body gently and slowly. The treated parts of the body, in turn, do not jump from one part to the other.

When you have finished the drawing in one area, Polish it with a soft cloth from the kit. This approach provide a high quality of execution of the intervention: the preparation is not dried, without argument, not caret. See, that on the surface do not hit the dust. After finishing one area, move on to the next. After processing all of the body to leave the car for five hours. The last parameter is two weeks. At this time, it is advisable not to wash the car.

Manual polishing is time-and labor-intensive. To facilitate the task of applying molendum apparatus or a drill with a soft buffing pads that work at moderate speed.