Treatment of the bodywork of the vehicle liquid crystal display

Perhaps, every modern rider stood a complicated question – how to preserve the appearance of your car for a long time? Everyone wants the car seemed "like just from the salon" glittered in the sun and not covered with small scratches. Luckily, today the car body is processed with liquid crystal. After the car protected from damage and the sun shines like new. You can watch the video online, which shows this effect.

treatment of auto liquid glass

How does liquid glass?

As is known, the processing of liquid crystal machine capable of avoiding the destruction of the painting. This wax will penetrate the paint vehicle and modifying the structure of the varnish will make it more resistant to damage and maximum strength. To complete the coating of the composition of the body of the car, with professional experience will not more than 3-4 hours. To see a video of the driving of the car is of the network, you can also find the comments on this technology.

After the treatment, with liquid crystal composition to dry so that it forms a long lasting film of protection.

Note that the liquid crystal are not only for the body of the car in the video you can see how the experts process of the rims and the bumper, and the hood and the body – almost all of the visible surfaces. After processing the body of the car this part of the car can be washed with cleaning products (in particular, you can use the shampoo). For comments, the treatment of liquid glass car impact of land – not to adhere in large quantities in the body (especially important in spring and autumn).

The first liquid crystal in the body of the car was launched in 2008, the manufacturers of automotive chemicals in Japan. The team immediately reached a great diffusion all over the world, gaining great popularity among the drivers. The popularity of the composition contributed to the low price and ease of use.

Car polishes can be used for cars with the light and the dark body color. There are comments about the Western European forums, according to which the "liquid crystal" that is applied to the surface of the car with 3 years warranty. However, domestic workshops give only one year warranty because of the harsh climate, as well as the use of aggressive means to treat the roads in winter (salt and sand).

Processing of glass can be not only the metal bodywork of the car, but also his glass. This ensures maximum protection against aggressive environmental influences. Drops of rain did not leave streaks on the glass – use of the wipers will be more comfortable.

Water-repellent effect can be seen in the video. Also in the processing of liquid crystal auto color will be more intense and deep, minor scratches will disappear. Puddles of mud are not a threat to the appearance of the bodywork of the vehicle – rest small spray can be washed with simple water bottles.

A lot of motorists have experienced is a very popular tool – as evidenced by the comments and videos online, the technology really works. If there is a quality of the composition as well as the competent authorities of the application to the bodywork of the vehicle, the coating is able to withstand sufficiently large number of washes. It is necessary to comply with all the requirements of the manufacturer when applying the mix – in this case, it is possible to achieve a striking effect.

How to apply a protective coating of the body?

Before you touch a car with liquid glass, with its surface it is necessary to remove the dust and dirt and also stains. This is very important – the Polish needs to go as uniform as possible along the length of the bodywork of the vehicle. So first and most important– the machine must be well washed, the paint has to be degreased and should be wiped dry. If the rider is already used Polish before, you will have to remove by mechanical means (you can use an abrasive toothpaste or shampoo with active components in the composition).

It is not recommended to use a silicone degreaser or poor quality alcohol is not allowed to use leaving a film of money for the car.

The processing of liquid crystal, also, should not be used if the car stood for a long time in the sun and felt hot metal must be cold. The Professionals recommend to carry out all the work in the handling of a car in dry and warm room, to prevent dust and light from the sun. The temperature in the room – from +15 to +30.

But it is better to entrust the handling of the car professionals who have a wide experience of the application of this technology. As practice shows, and show reviews, in primitive conditions, the great difficulties that arise in the preparation of the surface, and in the application of the composition. From a teacher experienced with the handling of the car with liquid glass will not take more than 3-4 hours at a time.

Today allow yourself to manage your car with liquid crystal almost anyone. For owners of new, shiny car is a great solution! Launch of a Polish "liquid crystal" a lot of companies you can choose products for every taste and budget. If you do not save on the processing – the result will exceed even the wildest expectations of the motorist.