Features of the application of liquid crystal in the bodywork of the vehicle

liquid crystal display pros and cons

Every new technology has both positive and negative aspects. If high-quality coating with liquid glass car shines like a mirror, it appeals to many owners. Before you cover the car with this tool, you need to know all the nuances. Among the indisputable advantages of the coating:

  • Aesthetic appearance.
  • The water and dirt as they are reflected off of the machine.
  • The painting does not fade in the sun.
  • Protection from scratches - the result has been observed by many motorists.
  • Resistance to aggressive environments of chemical.

Everything looks simply lovely, pure, owner happy. But there are disadvantages:

  • You need to observe clearly the application of the technology.
  • Machine wash cover can not be too often, use only non-abrasive shampoo.
  • The price in the car a lot, but when auto-apply will have to pay a few thousand euros.
  • After applying the liquid crystal is not recommended to wash a car, for seven days, as it continues the process of reaction of the composition with the painting of the car.

The composition of the polishes

the composition of the polishes

Before the application of liquid crystal in the bodywork of the vehicle would be good to understand what is included in the composition of the media in the care of the machine. These compounds are sometimes called nanoceramic because one of the components has the same chemical formula as ordinary sand. The basic components of ceramics:

  • The titanium oxide - in other words, white titanium, gives strength.
  • VAP - push the contamination of the layer.
  • Silicon dioxide - quartz, this component has up to 30% of the total weight. Transmits the hardness of the composition. It is because of this component of the structure is called liquid ceramics.
  • Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane - component acid-resistant, protects the car from chemical harmful of the exhibition, its content comes to half of the dough.
  • Aluminum - increases the resistance of the layer.
  • Alkoxysilane - creates a protective film, the content of more than 10%.

The subtleties of applying makeup

Before you cover the car with the liquid crystal, you need to know all the key points.

The procedure of application of this coating involves several steps:

  • thorough cleaning and complete cleaning of the surface
  • degreasing special trains
  • polishing headlights, glass, body, the removal of all previous coatings for factory paint
  • disguise chips
  • re-polished
  • nano-ceramic, in several layers
  • drying at least 4 hours

Therefore, before applying liquid glass, check that all the tools and reagents that have. If you do not follow any of the above rules, the coverage is still falling, but the grip with the factory paint will be worse, from the beautiful mirror Shine in a few months there is nothing left.

If to cover nano-ceramic car

it is the limitation of the machine with nano

All a high price to cover the many stops. Still, to put twenty thousand rubles for the beauty, not everyone can. If you don't know how to apply liquid glass to a car, the best is to trust in a time of operation for professionals.

For comments, with proper coating, the machine can support up to a hundred washes. Manufacturers of polishes guarantee the preservation of the original form for three years, but in the Russian context processing need to produce annually.

A significant advantage of the washing machine takes a lot less often. But it is desirable to wash in a gentle shampoo. Also one of the decisive factors of the region of residence of the owner of the vehicle. In areas where the rain and snowfall are uncommon, as the coverage may not be necessary.

For more information on how to apply liquid glass to a car, it is best to consult those who have experience in the application of such funds. The majority agrees that the best Japanese compositions for coating. They are not cheap but of excellent quality and brightness are worth it.

One of the characteristics of this polishing, the composition reacts chemically and agrees with the native paint of the car. A great advantage of processing the machine then looks like new.

If the budget allows it, of course, it is best to do this cover.

What is better - liquid ceramic or vinyl film

A clear less of vinyl film, is not a view after a certain period of time. Takes place, and it shows. On the other hand, the film is well protected from jump. The elimination of this type of coatings is very long.

Liquid crystal is cleared slowly, almost imperceptibly. Only a car less bright. Don't skimp and buy cheap Polish. According to numerous reviews, the Japanese have the most persistent, but it is very expensive.

Another point - for the application of liquid crystal do not attempt to use all the means at the same time a thick layer. The result looks wrong.