Wax Polish for the body - types and characteristics

The most common claims of the appearance of the car will take the complaints of drivers to the presence of small scratches, the loss of saturation of the enamel and other problems, often manifested in the body.

Polish wax

To restore the appearance of any machine, and to avoid the negative impact of environmental factors can Polish. This tool helps to restore presentable appearance of the body, giving it a Brightness that as well lengthen its life operations.

Working principle the product is to create, by means of a thin film. She, in turn, form a protective layer on the paint, avoiding the accumulation in the body of the dust and the impact of the precipitation, as well as natural oxidation of the paint. The Polish can be rubbed on the painting and the detail of the chrome.

Experts recommend drivers to carry out the polishing once in a month. Before the application of the tool, you need to wash the car and dry it wipe. Avoid being product of plastic or rubber components. Need to Polish in a circular motion until a haze to the product.

One of the most popular types of products to add Shine car wax is Polish. Its performance and affordable price are the reason for wide dissemination to motorists. The products are divided into several types:

  • pasty so-called "hard wax";
  • abrasives — some models added kaolin — a fine abrasive, which most effective way to clean the car of the ground and gives it Shine;
  • with Teflon — this material in a more stable and long lasting film on the paint coating. These products are also much easier to put in the car, a thin layer.


To Polish the car is not turned into a waste of money, you need to carefully choose the right for your car means. Great selection of wax for polishing, available in the shops of automobile special tools that may confuse. It is worth remembering that the type of Polish depends on the purpose of rubbing the body.

Wax for cars is one of the most commonly used tool. He is able to give time to the body of a fresh look, to restore the brightness of colors and their brightness. It is usually low-cost, making it affordable for any car.

Different models provide a fixed term sustainability of wax: some wash after the first wash, while others are held for several sessions.

Consist of wax polishes wax (palm or beeswax), which is soluble in a specific solution (usually water). Consistency provides ease of application medium to the surface of the car. Is used for:

  • adding depth of hue;
  • obtaining Brightness;
  • protection from negative environmental influences.

Advantages and disadvantages

"Plus" of the Polish are the following:

  • available for any rider price;
  • a wide range of products. You will be able to find a product with different qualities and characteristics;
  • the possibility of using several times per season, without damaging the painted surfaces of the body;
  • there is no need to prepare the motorist for the application of the product on the car.

Among the shortcomings, which has a Polish, it is worth mentioning:

  • bad durability. The budget will leave as soon as you visit a car wash, and at best to survive a couple of washings;
  • the need for diligent application. If you do not have the competencies to apply it to the surface of the machine, it runs the risk of distributing the material is too thick. This can affect the appearance of the vehicle, and the feeling that the touching the surface, it will be greasy;
  • the plate in black in the rubber and plastic components for the negligent use.


The varnishes for the bodywork of the vehicle are manufactured by many companies. This gives you the opportunity to pick up a manufacturer on the basis of reasonable prices and the characteristics of the product. In the market can be found both in the national and foreign products.

The treatment of the painting of a car is not a luxury but a necessity caused by the following factors:

  • the constant rapid changes in temperature;
  • careless driving, road traffic accidents;
  • the effects of chemicals in the paint.

Is the wax will help to ensure all and short, but very high quality sparkle effect and improve the color of the car. The use of this wax is especially important if the machine requires a simple update appearance. If there are numerous scratches and cracking, the paint, the better option is to use abrasives in the composition. Also do not forget about the treatment not only of the body, headlights, wheels, and the control panel.