How to apply the wax on the car

The polishing of the bodywork of the vehicle will allow you a long time to preserve their original appearance, and the surface to be protected against the harmful effects of water, dust and UV rays. From a range of car cosmetics, designed to protect the bodywork and give it a Shine, the most popular means on the basis of wax.


  • cake
  • cotton fabric
  • wax buffer


  1. The process of polishing gave a good result, you need to choose the right wax. As with most cosmetics, can be done on the basis of synthetic and natural base. Means in the form of an aerosol, and color of wax is made primarily from synthetic polymers.
  2. Pay attention to the price of funds. Cheap wax, buy in the car market, very quickly loses its properties, and that require more frequent applications. In addition, it may contain materials, abrasives, that will negatively affect the paint coating of the car.
  3. Once you have chosen the tool for polishing to prepare for this procedure your car. Wash it, then wipe with a soft cloth and leave to dry. Grab a sponge or a cotton cloth, dampen it and then dip in wax to grasp a small amount. The excess wax can be an important obstacle to the polishing, as you will need to put a lot of effort for its smooth removal.
  4. RUB the car, the realization of movements with a cloth only in a straight line up and down or left and right. Avoid scrubbing the body in circular motions, as this reduces the effect of the opacity of the wax.
  5. Do the work" break, to ensure no streaks. Then, apply another layer of wax. When the medium begins to solidify, it will take the form of an opaque haze - it's time to remove the excess. Use Terry cloth.
  6. To simplify the work with the e-wax will allow the wax buffer. Spread the wax and start to slowly move along the work surface. Do not make sudden movements, move the device very gently. Buffer to apply the wax, and will ensure a full capture of the area.
  7. Let the wax dry. To remove it put in the clipboard of fabric and slide it through the surface. The sign of a quality coating – the formation of water balls when you hit it on a waxed surface.