How to manage the body with wax

The appearance of the so-called "bugs" in the body of the car which is not good news for its owner. Not less unpleasant situation, when the paint is damaged, which leads to very unpredictable consequences with the body of a vehicle from a damaged appearance to the appearance of rusty spots.

There are many ways to protect the car body from damage of this type. You can open a special Polish and keep the car in a dry garage, carefully around each part, and at the slightest hint immediately the sound of the alarm, but no less effective method of treatment car wax. Consider treatment principle, a kind of wax and the cost of a car.

What treat the car body with wax


Most often a service of processing of a car body wax offer on car washes. But drivers familiar with this procedure, often denied, the price of the service as well as is not cheap. For all time of existence of the cars, the owners treated the car, from the funds on the basis of fat, for different chemicals, but the best has proven to be wax.

As a general rule, protection products based on the wax is used to protect the paint from exposure to different environmental factors. Thus forming a fine protective film, these materials will help to keep the car body from rust, cracks in the paint and scratches.

It can be concluded that the processing of the body of the automobile wax, that not only improve the appearance but protect from the outside, the water rolls down much faster from the surface of the body. As a result, the drying occurs in times more quickly, reducing the number of points after the water, protects from fading of paint and varnish.

Which wax is best used for the processing of

The first wax materials of the bodywork of the vehicle was liquid or solid, the progress is not in place, the result is a synthetic and in the form of spray. But, in the last performance is not so good. The worst is the wax spray because of its protective properties, sufficient for two or three washings, and means to cause and to buy it, they will be more often. In comparison with other types of materials, the spray is applied easily and quickly, within 15-30 minutes you can process the entire body of the car.

Liquid wax or paste is more resistant to detergents and to the action of external factors. Processing the body fluid with wax is better to clean the surface, followed by rubbing, so as to apply to the damaged areas and cracks. The best is a hard wax, but as noted by the owners of the cars that had to use it – this is the most difficult of all the possible ways of protecting paint surface.

Apply hard wax to dry a surface, it makes a lot of time, and if we take into account the heat and the direct sunlight is the best, it can take up to a day. Protection effect of wax movie is quite long, about 3-4 months, with good resistance to the harsh environmental factors (dirt, salt on the roads in the winter, the rain, the snow and the frost). The most persistent is considered to be synthetic, that is the most resistant against the effects of external factors and is able to maintain its properties in the period of six months. In addition to the means for processing of the vehicle body of synthetic wax added to car shampoos.

In addition to the classification of the wax properties, it is divided by type of application. The cold, the type of application include formulations that include the active cationic substance and a wax emulsion in a large amount enough. Normally, as the wax is applied by hand. The main drawback of this type of fragility, often, after every washing need to re-apply a layer of wax.

The second type of wax for processing of the body is hot. The type of core material of the main part consists of fats or synthetic origin. According to experts, is recognized as the highest quality wax of Carnauba. To manage the vehicle body as the wax, you must heat it to 90 degrees Celsius. At home to perform this procedure is practically impossible, because the tool after warming up almost instantly freezes. The cost of the material is not cheap, but the resulting film preserves its properties for up to a year.

The last type of wax in the technology of the application of the foam. The composition of the wax formed by the same substances, and by the heat of the application, but the application of the technology is different. This requires special equipment that is able to create a special foam, that is to say, its emulsion to the mixture of air, special composition and water. Due to the pressure under which the foam is applied to the surface, this method has received the best results for the adhesion and application. Polishing caused the foam much easier than hot wax.

The choice of the wax for processing of the bodywork of the vehicle, it is necessary to consider its origin. Leading manufacturers of split it into four main types, vegetable, mineral, animal and synthetic. Given that the properties of each type are almost identical, this option is almost not taken into account, by selecting the material for the processing of the bodywork of the vehicle.

How to choose the wax for processing of the bodywork of the vehicle


The choice of the wax for processing of the body of the car is suitable with a lot of account, as some factors will depend on the outcome of how it will look in the final result. The first thing that you should pay attention to the price of a set are often cheapest lose their properties until the date indicated on the packaging.

For the treatment of the body of the car is not older than five years, it is better to use a liquid or solid wax. The painting is not as "tired" and the film, set in a uniform manner. Cars older age (5 years) it is better to use an abrasive compound or Polish to the wax. In this case it is better to fill the cracks and defects in the paint.

It is very important that all the new cars it is best not to use products that contain abrasives, otherwise it can damage the paint!

Abrasives are the most commonly used for painting car that has obvious defects (cracks and the fading paint). For the choice of this material, you should consider the hardness, as the need for efficiency and smooth out the cracks refinishing or repair of other defects.

How to manage the body with wax

Depending on the will of the owner of the car, the handling of the car body with wax can be manual or with tools. The majority of offer a manual option for the treatment of the body with wax, but if you choose the hot treatment of the body, can not do without a special tool. For each type of wax that can explain its own coating technology and treatment, but there are basic rules that must be respected.

Regardless of the type and method of application, the first thing you need to do is wash the car body of the earth, and other substances. This is best done with a pressure washer and a non-contact application of the foam.

In any case, it is not recommended to wax in the direct sunlight or the heat of the summer weather. In this case, the wax is getting cold very quickly, and instead of a shiny surface turn dull ball.

Diagram of the treatment of the body wax is simple, in any case, it is necessary to give the body to dry completely, do not put wax on a wet surface, it immediately rolls down. The process begins with a thin, even coating of wax on the surface of the body, it is best to do small areas, and to achieve a greater effect, a mixture is recommended to RUB it with a cloth. After complete drying, re-cleaned with a felt or woolen cloth. Is to wipe in a circular motion, in this case, the wax has to be fixed to the surface and fill all the cracks. It is not recommended to body polishing with machine Polish, a wax film is very thin and in fact, will not be able to perform the tasks. The whole procedure has to start from the top to the bottom, so that the cloth or fabric does not pick up small grain of sand, therefore, not scratching the car paint.

The statistics show that a HUNDRED different, most of the demand for liquid wax and spray, as its application does not take very long, and the price is not so exorbitant. Synthetic and hard wax for the treatment of the body can take from half a day to a whole day, in addition to the price is significantly more than the previous two options.

The pros and cons of treatment of a car body wax

As each process, machining the body of the car wax has positive and negative aspects. The positive part is, of course, the result, as a general rule, the painting is restored, to clean all the crevices and renews the color saturation of the paint. In addition, different weather conditions, the wax treatment to show its best side, in time of rain the water from the machine will be faster to slide, while after drying, the surface will appear white small spots. In winter, the wax treatment of the bodywork of the vehicle protects it from salt corrosion and damage from frost in the bark, which means that the body will have a longer life.

But there is a negative side to the treatment of the body of the car in the first place is the price. Often choose the cheapest option hoping for the same effect as in the treatment of solid or synthetic wax. Even the most simple procedure will take at least an hour and the quality will go all day. Believe me, to kill a whole day in the processing of the body wax but not all. Another disadvantage is the mechanization of the process, it is necessary to select carefully the time and the weather conditions, as the ambient temperature has to be moderate and out of direct sunlight. Wet weather is not suitable, the wax is simply not cling to the surface of the bodywork of the car.