Liquid crystal display for Your car

Fully painting a car today is costly, for this reason, every car owner tries to maintain in the long native of his painting "horse of iron". Often in these cases, the owners resort to the use of different types of varnishes or applying to the surface of the paint protection film. But not so long ago, drivers were put at the disposal of another way to protect the layer of the car body from scratches, which is the use of "liquid crystal". How it is applied to the vehicle and what effect the result is that we will discuss in the next article.

Coating with liquid glass

What is the "liquid crystal" to cover the car body?

Liquid crystal car appeared not so long ago, and still considered to be the exclusive Polish. However, the material is a "liquid crystal" this has always been known to mankind and is widely used in modern construction because it allows us to provide the most reliable waterproofing of all connections. But if in the usual version of liquid crystal is a solution, alkaline potassium or sodium, water-based, to cover vehicles used silicon dioxide, that is to say, synthetic and glass, which is made by special technology.

The first of these technology for cars was introduced in Japan, 2008. According to the developers, the coating protective of the bodywork of the vehicle capable of very strongly retained on the surface of the parking lot in 2-3 years. However, in connection with nonideal conditions, this period is often reduced to only 1 year.

Modern compositions of liquid crystal is made more affordable price, and the ability to apply them to the surface of the car without the participation of specialists. However, before proceeding to the immediate processing of the application, it is necessary to understand in what circumstances and for what purposes can be used for a liquid crystal display.

That the cars are treated with liquid glass?

One of the most popular polishes in the form of liquid crystal display today is considered to be the Polish of the Japanese manufacturer. When applied to the surface of the paint of your vehicle is a means of protection gives the vehicle owner the following several advantages:

  • on the surface of the body of the car appears very durable coating, in which the paint layer is protected from exposure to external factors;.
  • even if the car is quite old, and its surface is full of scratches and damage, the use of liquid crystal will get rid of all these problems;.
  • layer of liquid crystal has a quite good durability;.
  • liquid crystal almost does not retains on its surface the moisture and the dirt, so the car is less likely to wash;.
  • creates perfectly flat and smooth surface, which do not require any more polishing;.
  • thanks to the melted glass, the car body becomes the perfect mirror Shine, while the body color remains unchanged for many years and in addition, due to the melted glass, the color of the car will be more deep and rich;.
  • applying liquid crystal even in the glass of the car, because they look like new, and the owner of the vehicle will be able to get rid of the usual stripes that constantly appear in the Windows of the car.
Liquid crystal

But if you have a history and the peculiarities of the application of liquid crystal, then surely you had to deal with very negative reviews about this composition. We are not going to prove that is not true. These cases are very frequent, however, in the manifestation of this negative side of liquid crystal plays an important role as a source material, as well as the correctness of its application to the surface of the car. With a similar situation, you should not face you, we offer you to familiarize with the detailed description of the steps of applying a liquid crystal on the surface of the car.

The steps of the application of liquid Polish to the surface of the car.

The process of coating the car surface with liquid crystal is long enough and spend it the you need in several stages. Each one of them will say in order.

Car preparation for the application of liquid crystal

Apply liquid glass in a non-prepared surface is strictly forbidden, as it is often this type of negligence that leads to a quick destruction of the new surface. Therefore, before starting work, with liquid crystal, you need to deal with the surface of the car:

  1. Try as much as possible to thoroughly clean the car of all dirt and thoroughly clean the exterior of your vehicle.
  2. For more followers liquid crystal and the surface of the coating the latter is preferably pre-treated with a substance that contains alcohol.
  3. At the end of the works car give it time to dry completely. Mixture of liquid crystal with humidity in the air can also lead to the rapid destruction of the layer applied Polish.

It should be noted, also, that if the surface of the car already has a layer of Polish, which should be removed. It doesn't matter if it was liquid glass or any other coating for the durability of liquid crystal that should be applied only to the painting. In addition, in any case should not be used to clean the surface of the body compositions that contain silicone. That is to say, between the liquid glass and paint, there should be no intermediate layer, in the opposite case, among them will emerge from the connection.

The General terms and conditions

During the work with liquid crystal is very important to ensure the optimum ambient temperature. The temperature in the room where the work should not be lower than +10°C to about +40°C. Therefore, cover the car with the liquid crystal, the best in the warmest of the year, but if it had to be done in the winter, you must drive the car in a heated garage, which previously would also be of help to wash under the car did not sit in the dust in the process of robots.

But in the summer it is not so easy to work with liquid crystal. In particular, it is prohibited to put to heat the surface. Therefore, if the car stood in the sun, before any work pobespokoytes that the surface of the bodywork could cool completely. It should be noted, also, that to fully cover the whole car with liquid glass usually lasts 3 to 4 hours.

The main stages of work with liquid crystal

The first stage is to prepare all the working tools and the necessary tools. In particular, you will need:

  1. The composition of the basic liquid crystal.
  2. Hardener.
  3. Eyedropper, that will be carried out by the mixture of the above substances.
  4. Fiber work with liquid crystal display (needed only when manual of varnishes).
  5. Towels.

  6. Rubber gloves to protect the hands from contact with the liquid crystal on the skin.
  7. A soft sponge.

You can then start to work. The only problem – don't start immediately with the majority of places of interest. Select auto in the most inconspicuous area and try to apply a bit of liquid glass. If the layer is soft – you can gradually move to other areas and cover a part of the car.

It is very important during the operation of jumping from the area of the vehicle to the other, and because of the melted glass gradually. This approach allows to obtain a uniform and high quality of the coverage, and do not let the polishes dry.

After application of the composition of the surface of the car should be rubbed with a soft tissue. Normally it comes with this substance. It is necessary very well to ensure that the surface of the piece in any case do not have any dust or mud. In addition, after coating of the body, try not to touch the car to dry of liquid crystal, in particular, not to leave it under the rays of the sun. These "security measures", is observed for another 2 weeks to have managed to take in the future to make a function to resolve.

Liquid glass for car

Characteristics of the care of the car after polishing with liquid glass.

Despite the fact that the producers promise maximum durability of the layer of liquid crystal, in practice, the owners keep the appearance of the car has to constantly update their coverage. For example, if the vehicle is operated almost every day, the necessity of the update can occur already in 1-1,5 years after its application.

In addition to the care of this coating is that, after complete curing will the dirt not stick, therefore, expensive car washes, it will be possible to completely give up. In order to make the car completely clean, it will be enough to rinse it, it is quite possible to do independently.

Wash and refresher and is limited to all care layer of liquid crystal.


In summary, I want to highlight the advantages and disadvantages that had a car a layer of liquid crystal. Its advantages are beautiful appearance, which catches the car, and the ability of this type of coating to protect the paint from exposure to chemical products and scratches. In addition, because of the melted glass is possible great to save on the washing.

As for disadvantages, the most important of these is the need every year to paint a new layer of liquid crystal. The second disadvantage is the cost of the composition. In comparison with the other compositions, has a higher price, but if we take into account all of its advantages – in General, the price can be considered acceptable. In addition, you can save well on an independent layer, like in the workshops in order to work can demand the same price as for the cost of a makeup complete set.

Therefore, the liquid crystal really brings a lot of benefits for car owners. However, to make sure personally this is possible only in case, if you carefully study all the requirements for the application of the composition of the surface of the car, and strictly comply with them. If you do not take into account these requirements, need to be updated car coverage can be produced in a month.