Japanese liquid crystal rules

Liquid crystal is a waterproofing material used in construction. In fact, it is an aqueous solution of sodium or potassium. But there is another liquid crystal, which is used to protect the bodywork of the vehicle. He has a completely different chemical composition, which classifies this material is classified as "polishes".

liquid crystal Japan

Appeared liquid crystal for cars in Japan in the year 2009. Today's release deals with a few companies but the most popular was mark Wilson. Currently, it is a standard that is recognized by all manufacturers. What is the matter? The Polish of this brand then all the others are based on the bodywork of the vehicle, protecting it and giving you the novelty of its color. The manufacturer guarantees that after the application of the substance, the body will be good as new in two or three years.

Why is it necessary?

During the operation of the machine is exposed to the negative influences, both from precipitation and from the dust, dirt, chemicals, etc. Little by little on its surface begin to form streaks, cracks, chips and other problems. Therefore, you need protection. Polishes has been used before, but they were produced from the wax, polymer or silicone. The quality of these liquids was not as hot", so that after six months, the most in a year was necessary to carry out the procedure.

The Polish on the basis of liquid crystal has a lot of problems. Of special note is the life. But not only that. What advantages have liquid crystal "Willson":

  • applied car wax repels dirt and water;
  • of high resistance material;
  • the composition does not include abrasive substances;
  • gives a mirror Shine which shine;
  • retains the original color.

But the most important is the ability to apply liquid glass in your own car with your own hands. There is No need to go to any place, to any person, without the need of pay. Just buy it and do the polishing yourself.


Know what is most convenient in liquid crystal"Willson"? It is fully loaded. There is no need after the purchase to buy more tools and materials. This is what is included in the set of liquid crystal:

  • the main composition;
  • hardener;
  • pipette to the mixture of components;
  • polishing wipes;
  • towel;
  • gloves;
  • sponge;
  • the manual, translated into the Russian language.

How to use

polishing a car

Like any technical process, car polishing with liquid crystal "Willson" consists of several stages. Each of them is important, so to not lose a single one.

Phase # 1 – preparation of the

The car needs a good washing: cleaning of dirt, degrease and dry well. If it was used to Polish a other brand, it is necessary to get rid of'.

Board. It is impossible for degreasing use of alcohol is of low quality, or any other cleaning agents, if they contain silicone.

Stage 2 – the application of liquid crystal

Liquid crystal "Willson" applies not to the whole body, and a small station. The thing is that the material is picked up quickly. And if you apply to the entire body of a car, then there is a high probability that to RUB the liquid crystal display that do not have enough time. And since the hardened composition to get rid of the difficult.

In the first place, you must mix the two components. The difficulties in this, above all, keep in mind that the hardener is added to the main structure, and not vice versa. And this is why it is important to mix thoroughly.

Beyond the canvas to apply the substance, which cover the car. There are No sudden moves in a circle or at random. Polish "Willson" is applied in the vertical direction, from top to bottom, and fills the whole plot. If the small details are polished, it is possible to apply liquid crystal horizontal. Then another cloth is anti-Polish, that is to say, the material as if it rubs. This, again, without sudden movements. Everything is carried out smoothly and accurately.

And in this way is processed by the entire body of a car. Then, the car has been left in a closed room (garage) for six hours. It was during this time that the Polish will eventually become dense and caught up with lacquer coating.

It is important to. Even weeks after the application will be the stabilization of liquid crystal "Willson", so that in this period of machine operation, it is recommended not to wash the media with the active components.

Useful tips

Whatever intuitive, nor was the work with liquid crystal, you need to know some details, so the first pancake was not lumpy:

  • The optimal temperature at which to carry out the cleaning and polishing of the whole body, from +10 to +40C. So if you decide to keep the application crystal liquid "Willson" in the winter, do it in a heated garage.
  • But in a strongly heated surface Polish is best not to apply. Therefore, all contractors need to do a couple of hours after engine stop.
  • It is better to buff a car in a closed room, where there is no sun, no high temperature and humidity, no dust.
  • Mark Wilson offers two versions of liquid crystal display: for light cars, dark. So I had to make the right choice.

Another point, which is of two types of liquid crystal "Wilson". Today the manufacturer offers:

maintenance of the car
  • mirror Shine;
  • water-repellent effect.

The first is the most used in conditions where there is a large amount of dirt and water. Second, on the other hand, for those who travel on roads full of mud. In principle, it is possible to use two parts "Willson" at the same time, if you don't want to choose between beauty and practicality. First, the car to cover the first substance, and then, after polishing the second, which is also polished.