Wax for car: type, how to apply

Sooner or later, the painted coating on the car body becomes turbid and formed cracks, some time later, becoming very noticeable and spoils the exterior of the car. If nothing is done, the moisture, dirt and sunlight will contribute to the expansion of the cracks in the paint. The drivers have to deal with the format of microcracks to fight the Polish. However, the effect it gives is temporary. In order to remove them completely from the paint coating and to prevent the spread of microscopic cracks, chips and scratches, you need to treat the surface with liquid wax.

how to apply the wax on the car

What are the benefits of liquid wax?

Wax on the painted coating of the reliable protective film. The result is:

  • protection from water, snow, dirt and chemicals;
  • liquid wax will neutralize the remains of chemical compounds after washing the car;
  • adds Shine body coating;
  • fill the cracks and scratches and makes the surface smooth;
  • transforms the look of the car.

What is the liquid wax

Can be of the following types:

  • Wax spray. Apply it is not very difficult, but his default is that he is in the coverage last for not much time.
  • A liquid wax. Apply a wax, a piece of cloth and rubbed over the entire surface. This will last more protection than the previous species.
  • The solid wax. It is difficult to apply, but gives reliable protection for a maximum of six months.

Synthetic wax. This coating the most durable and reliable protection. Often it is not possible to apply enough once in 5-6 months. The composition of the wax include compositions contained in shampoos.

Depending on what kind of wax is used and the technological process of its application:

  • Cold wax. Since it is a liquid, then apply it manually, only after bathing the car. Contains KAV and emulsifier.
  • The hot wax. This crystalline substance is very resistant to wear and tear. This substance melts at a temperature of about 40-90 degrees. In the first place, it has to be melted with hot water, and then manually applied to the chassis of the vehicle and polished. The composition of the hot wax includes the inhibition of the corrosion of a substance.
  • A foam wax composition. Such emulsion should be applied with special equipment. Foam firmly adhered to the surface and creates a uniform polishing.

As a liquid wax applied to the car?

To wax firmly grabbed the paint and protect the body of the plant, the body in the first place, it is necessary to wash well and go with hot air.

Next, consider how to work with molten wax. Must be diluted in a certain ratio with hot water. But it is important that the temperature of the wax and the bodywork of the vehicle does not exceed 20 degrees.

Apply the wax evenly. Your surplus in just a few minutes, then wash. To start the application with the roof gone down down.

Next you need to remove the moisture from the car and the wax composition in a circular motion to grind the entire surface with a little soft. The process of applying will take approximately half an hour.


Next, consider why the need for waxing and what are the main advantages of its use:

  • Painting after the treatment.;
  • the protection of the wax film does not allow the coating to deteriorate;
  • the car is covered they are better to clean;
  • protects the paint of the land, chemical products and UV rays.

With time the paint of a car fades, cracks appear, which finally will be very noticeable and spoil the appearance of the car. If you leave everything as it is, the water, the earth, the sun will contribute to the growth of cracks in the varnish. The drivers often struggle with microcracks using the polishes. But it gives a temporary visual effect. To completely remove defects on the surface of the body and stop the growth of microcracks, scratches, small chips, you can apply the liquid wax for cars.

Liquid wax for car: why you need it

Why a car cover with wax? Coating machine wax contributes to the formation of a protective film to the paint surface. As a result, you will get:

wax for cars
  • protection against the negative effects of the cracks of the water, snow, mud, dirt, chemicals;
  • neutralize the remains of the automotive industry chemical after washing the car (natural wax is preferably applied to the surface of the body every 2 spades);
  • beautiful Shine, coating of the automobile;
  • liquid wax fills the cracks and scratches, the surface will be smooth;
  • update the look of the car.

The liquid wax

The advisors of the Department of chemistry can offer different kinds of wax:

  • Wax spray. The spray is easy, but the drawback is that the useful life of this type of coating is small. Coating car wax spray often have.
  • A liquid wax. Apply to the back of the car and pounded on the surface with a soft cloth. The service life of the protective coating is higher than that of the wax spray.
  • The solid wax. The application of solid wax-consuming process. But the protection is guaranteed for 3-5 months.
  • Synthetic wax. This is the most resistant to the protective coating. Apply a synthetic wax every six months. Synthetic wax is used in some shampoos for cars.

Wax to the bodywork of the vehicle is divided into types depending on the application:

  • Cold wax is a liquid that is applied manually after each car wash. Cold wax for cars contains a surfactant cationic, and emulsified wax.
  • Hot wax is similar to that of the transparency fat in a substance with a high resistance to wear (you can apply again in six months or a year). The melting temperature is 40-90 degrees. The wax is melted in hot water and manually applied to the surface of the car body and polished. The composition of the hot wax includes corrosion inhibitors.
  • The wax foam is applied with special equipment, which can create an emulsion (the pressure of the air is supplied to the composition of the wax and of the water). Application of the technology ensures a high degree of adhesion of the wax to the foam on the surface of the paint coating and uniform polishing.

If you are still full of doubts, what is the wax for car is best, without prejudice to know that the origin of the wax is different. In this sense, the wax is divided into the following types:

  • Animal wax (wax).
  • Vegetable wax.

The technology of application of liquid wax

How to apply wax on the car? To wax well "sat" in the paint and to carry out its function of protective, first you have to wash the car in a non-contact way, a little inflated with air (but not until completely dry).

We will examine the question of how to use the wax for car. Liquid wax is diluted in hot water (the temperature of the water listed on the package the liquid wax) in a certain ratio (indicated in the instructions). Remember that the difference in the temperature of the dissolution of the wax and the body of the car must not be more than 20 degrees.

How to apply liquid wax for cars? The wax is applied evenly to a small area of the car and leave for 1-2 minutes. The excess wax washed with water. Waxing should start with the roof of the car and slowly go lower.

Now the machine is poured with air (to remove excess moisture). Then, the wax is rubbed in a circular motion over the surface with a soft sponge, cloth or a soft cloth (a kind of polishing by hand). The whole process of coating of car wax can take about 20-30 minutes. Waxing a car with the hands makes no difficulties (except for the application of the foam composition).

The advantages of the use of liquid wax

the correct application of the wax

Keep in mind the question of why you need the wax and what benefits you can get from its use:

  • Body paint has good Shine.
  • The protective Film of the wax does not allow to deteriorate the layer of paint.
  • Wash the car much easier (the film does not allow the micro particles to clog the pores of the paint).
  • Drying machine is faster.
  • The wax coating protects the exterior of the earth, dust, chemical products, ultraviolet light.