Treatment of the body liquid crystal

The purchase of a new car, the man seeks to preserve the shiny appearance of your beautiful painting. The changing conditions of the environment make a respectable machine excavator scratches. Accelerate the corrosion of the body that has lost its appeal, previously acquired in the manufacturing process. Buried in the floor covering, too, is deprived of certain characteristics, providing the maximum protection of the surfaces of the vehicle.

handle auto car liquid glass

Such as paper, glass microscopic sand particles gradually remove the layers of paint. Reagents icers, which asperget frozen by the frost of the winter the road becomes a catalyst that increases the speed of propagation of the corrosion. Crudely made washing machines also violates the integrity of the lining of the structure. Therefore, a driver manages your vehicle a variety of expolit.

Recently, the Russian market began to sell special liquid glass for cars, today became a reliable method of protection, which received a lot of positive reviews from customers.

Liquid crystal is the latest technology of protection of the bodywork of the vehicle

Treated with this material the car body is protected against corrosion damage more effectively than covers cerae expolit painting. In 2008 Japan became the first state where the melted glass was first applied to preserve the original appeal of cars. As part of the new polishes are compounds of silica component and the silica.

The substance is allowed to apply on the body and the glass of the car. It will prevent the glass ugly divorces, which allows you to not activate the windshield wiper in the process of circulation of the vehicle. Applied to the body Polish will remove minor scratches and abrasions, to saturate the color of the paint in deep shadow. Dirt-repellent property of the liquid speculum coatings prevent the absorption of fly from under the wheels of the car of dirt in the paint, making it easier for her to wash for the normal water.

After processing of the bodywork of the vehicle liquid crystal appear maxime utile benefits lack of more protective operations. Durable film past on the body to eighteen months, preventing the layer from fading under ultraviolet light, maintaining the original shiny non-fading colors. This Polish will close the microscopic scratches of the surface of the body of the body, in the metal parts that will slow the accumulation of a dangerous charge of static electricity. Speculum Liquid film resists to chemical products, corrosive.

Training transport to a surface treatment with liquid crystal

Before the application of this type of Polish to thoroughly prepare the surface to be processed. During the trip, freshly bought a car is exposed to the appearance of dirt, persistent, remains of insects, tar spots, dirty, cracking, so that the surface of the body to clean up from all the previous ones. Professional car owners is, in addition, that are close to the chips and scratches in the paint.

handle auto car liquid glass the result

The vehicle is completely washed it under pressure to a shampoo especially for removing the most visible part of the pollution. Wash the car treated with abrasive paste, amotio accumulated in the subtle cracks of the earth. The absence of this stage will leave the pollution closed liquid crystal after the protective treatment of the body. Place bitumen and left with a crushed insect remains are removed with high quality cleaning.

The whole body is preliminary degreased alcohol-containing solutions, and the use of solvents will give the opposite effect. At the end of the preparation procedures, the machine was again washed with water supplied at high pressure, without chemical additives. After cleaning with a cloth transport your body allows you to handle liquid crystal.

Application of liquid crystal in the bodywork of the vehicle

This low cost and high quality of the material it is packaged in bottles of 300 ml, which allows to cover the body five or six times. A common mistake is the effort of the people to handle the machine. The proper treatment of the transport liquid crystal requires to apply the Polish becomes in its individual parts. Jar your substance complete with sponge and microfiber cloth. Through sponge composition is applied, and napkin spread evenly over the surface.

The treated liquid glass car is left for about 45 minutes or an hour to the polymerized composition. At the end of the waiting period, the material can be wipes through orderly movements. Areas turns are processed by the moves performed from the top down. Apply in a similar way, modern, Polish will make the paint finish of the car is beautiful and brilliant.