Liquid glass for cars, varieties, advantages and disadvantages

Polito a well maintained car always looks expensive and prestigious, regardless of their real value. As buffing means, generally used in the compositions of wax, but today there are easier to use and more qualitative tool for polishing cars called liquid crystal. About this later in this article.

liquid glass for car

Liquid crystal display for a car that's

Liquid crystal has recently enjoyed a great popularity among the drivers. After processing this part of your vehicle will sparkle like a jewel. In addition, the liquid crystal has the ability to remove minor defects, scratches and cracks on the surface of the bodywork of the vehicle. This product protects the car from further damage, rust and UV exposure.

This deck looks very fragile, but this fragility is just an illusion. In fact, the film of protection is very solid. In the glass products are not included, and its main active element is the silicon dioxide. This component at the molecular level interacts with the paint coating. In the end, on the surface of the bodywork of the vehicle occurs, the film mirror effect, which is relatively high power. In addition, it is durable and can serve its owner for over a year.

Varieties of liquid crystal

Today, there are three variations of liquid crystal.

It is through these media is the fact liquid crystal, used as polishes for car:

  • Sodium based on sodium, has excellent fire resistant properties.
  • Potassic – created on the basis of potassium, is characterized by a tendency to the high hygroscopicity and its porosity.
  • Lithium, at the time of the rare liquid glass, available in small quantities, is used as a thermostat to cover.

All three types of liquid crystal can be combined into a single category multi-alkaline compositions. In addition, there are integrated and combined. Sell liquid crystal. For example, in the form of containers with the liquid that should be applied to the surface of the car and wait in the drying – media kristallizuetsya and creates a shiny surface.

There are varnishes and glues are also applied on the degreased surface of the body with the help of machines and kristallizuetsya. The active substances of liquid glass and react with the body , forming a mirror effect.

Benefits of liquid crystal

benefits of liquid crystal
  • Reliable protection of the car surface from external factors, including the chemistry.
  • Provide a mirror Shine and rich color.
  • Affordable cost, in comparison with other tools for polishing.
  • Durability – lasts for 8-12 months without losing the aesthetic properties.
  • Protection of the appearance of fine cracks and scratches after a car wash.
  • You can easily update, if the coating will fade.
  • Heat resistance – the coating when heated will not deteriorate.
  • High stain resistant and water-repellent characteristics.
  • UV protection liquid glass protects the paint consumption.
  • Antistatic effect prevents the accumulation of static electricity on the surface of the car in the winter.
  • The transparency of the layer, thereby providing a brightness and depth of the paint finish.
  • Hardness – when creating media uses a resin of special that provides the data of hardness close to the glass data.

Disadvantages of liquid crystal

  1. Need every 8-12 months to apply a new layer.
  2. Liquid crystal kristallizuetsya very quickly, so that all actions in the application must produce the expert.
  3. The work of the application is quite laborious and requires a huge patience.
  4. In terms of a collision with an obstacle, and that there is a high risk that the coating will just crack.
  5. Given our harsh winters, there is the possibility of the formation of cracks of the layer.

Features of the application of liquid crystal

  • Car wash chemical detergent significantly reduces the durability of the liquid crystal, so it is advisable to wash the car with plain water, without cloths, and brushes.
  • When covering a vehicle with a liquid crystal, a prerequisite is that the compliance of the application of the technology. If the technology is broken, to ensure that the result is very difficult.

The handling of the car with liquid crystal

Apply liquid glass on the car you need in several stages.

Check the packaging polishes

The equipment should include basic composition and a hardener, the pipette (need for mix), protective gloves, a soft sponge, towels, and in particular of the fibre by manual polishing. If there is something missing, it is advisable to buy.

application of liquid crystal

Choose the place of work

It is not recommended for the treatment of liquid crystal, if the car was a time in the sun and heats up significantly – it is important that the metal was cold. Experts recommend to carry out all work in a warm and dry place, avoid sunlight and dust. The temperature should be 15 to 30 degrees.

Prepare the surface of the car

In this stage, you should wash thoroughly the vehicle to remove all contamination. Then degrease the surface and give the car to dry. Degreasing is carried out by means of diluted in water and white spirit. Prohibits the use of poor quality alcohols or silicone degreasers, it is also unacceptable the use of the funds, leaving a film. If the car body was already covered with any of the polishes must be removed. Otherwise, the new coat will have a duration much less at the scheduled time and will not stay on the surface.

The execution of the work

At the end of the preparatory work, start to Polish the car with the liquid crystal. Do not apply makeup to the entire surface of the body – it is advisable to practice on a small area of the car. If the Polish provides the expected result and, typically, adjacent to the surface, unable to get to work.

Apply liquid glass has been polishing each section. For example, you can start the treatment the bumper or from the right. Once polishing of one element is completed, proceed to the next stage. This approach has its advantages. First, the applied medium is not dry. Second, to achieve a higher quality to do the job.

After applying a small amount of the composition on the surface, it is necessary to RUB with a soft cloth, which should be included in the package. In the process, the procedure, make sure that the surface of the car is not exposed to dust or dirt. Once you tractare of the body, stop the car only for 4-6 hours. In this case, molten glass is, finally, seen in two weeks. Preferably in this period does not wash the car (especially the sink).

comments on liquid crystal

Comments on liquid crystal

The effect after using liquid glass is awesome. The body of the car shines as if just out of the hairdresser. The color was rich and bright. Drops roll off of the car, and it looks very good. Compared to conventional wax expolit, liquid crystal is much better.

In addition, it removes fine scratches, protects the body of the mold, the discoloration and waterproof properties. Machine polishing with the liquid glass, much easier to clean, not stick in the mud, and the film protects the car body from damage.