Liquid glass for cars: reviews, review, instruction manual

One of the latest know-how of the manufacturers of cosmetics for cars – liquid crystal. Reviews about this trend are mixed, so that there is something to analyze and weigh the pros and cons. More than the automotive market offers a large selection of similar products, which is very easy to get confused ordinary man in the street.

liquid glass for car

In General, the consistency of liquid glass has been applied over the last two hundred years. The basic solution is a mixture of potassium and sodium, and the resulting composition has excellent properties, pliers, and a good waterproofing. Original liquid crystal used in the construction of buildings and structures for the noble people. But at the end of the twentieth century, the solution is to add silica and has a modern and synthetic liquid glass polished cars.

What is it?

The first producers of this type of cosmetic products, as well as developers, were the Japanese. He started to use a new synthesis of the composition as a protective coating for cars. Japanese liquid crystal appeared in 2008 and only a couple of months spread throughout the world as interesting, useful and, above all, profitable innovation.

One of the reasons that this composition, which enjoys an enviable popularity is the durability. That is to say, unlike the cosmetic conventional, where the maximum possible range within a couple of months, in the best liquid crystal display for car can last in the body for more than a year in the most severe of weather conditions (Northern regions). If this is more or less favorable (south), and the three years.


The owners of cars of two to three years or more, ever paid attention to the paint coating of the body. Chips, scratches, discoloration, and other problems that will appear in any case, it is clear, if your vehicle was not in the garage all this time.

Ordinary means for the care of the body, that is to say, expolit, made typically of wax, and the specific set of polymers and silicone. This protection (especially of the brand, as well as the quality) is very to deal with your task. But as mentioned above, even in the most favourable weather conditions it is necessary to "upgrade" from month to month. While the liquid crystal is an order of magnitude more.

The most brilliant, and the cost

Liquid crystal is presented in the sector of the automotive market in wide range and it is very expensive. Yes, you can find junk Chinese consumer goods in different colors and stripes, but you are throwing money and spend a lot of nerves, causing something strange (and sometimes dangerous) in the back of your car.

To begin to understand the amount of liquid glass for cars. The price of regular expolit the middle class is not high. Of course, there are more expensive, but there are already all kinds of extra effects, like the snow on the body, mirrors, vectors and other "chips".

liquid crystal display for cars method of application

Japanese expolit

The most prominent representative and a type of reference in the segment as the Polish is, again, the Japanese liquid crystal display for cars. Analogues of this composition in the market of the car of the moment. Reviews on liquid glass for cars of this brand are all positive, and some critical drawbacks, neither the users nor the experts say.

Properties expolit:

  • operating time (up to three years);
  • the high resistance of the damage;
  • hydro - luto-aspernabilis effect;
  • mirror Shine;
  • preserves and enriches the original color of the body;
  • non-abrasive problems (soft and pleasant to the touch).

Any serious restrictions to work without polishing. That is to say, to apply the composition can be any of the cars in a garage or covered Parking. The only thing mandatory to read the instructions for use liquid crystal display for cars. The thing is expensive, so you should be used correctly in order not to throw money to the wind.

The package

If you get a regular Polish for a manuscript of the application, and not for service salons, the kit should be all you need. Any specific tools or other equipment to perform a task not required: only a desire, the free time and the place.

Teams expolit:

  • brand composition in the tube;
  • hardener;
  • vial for mixing;
  • special cloth for the body;
  • gloves to protect the hands from chemicals;
  • some towels and sponge;
  • the manual of instructions.

Once again I have to remind you that before applying liquid glass to the body, make sure to read the instructions. On the other hand, is not as great as other instructions to the car, but all that it said will help you not only at work, but will save from many mistakes, made by beginners in this business. And after all the money this part is good, and to spoil it very easily.

Judging by the opinions on liquid glass for cars, the majority of owners of the serious problems that arose. Some critical nuances in the case, of course, but nothing that could not handle the ordinary motorist.

Preparation for the job

Before starting the application of the expolit has to comply with. First, the outside temperature should not be lower than +10* +40*. So in the winter it is better to do it in the garage and in the summer the well-ventilated car Park. Rain, snow and other bad weather can interfere, seriously, in a way that is useful to know the time in advance. The process takes 3 to 4 hours of time, and if hand-Packed, sometimes even less.

If you have previously covered the car with any Polish, it should be removed with a special compound (purchased separately). The latter is best to choose silicone or of the alcohol of poor quality, as the bromide. It must also be borne in mind that any layer intermediate between the paint coating and Polish, the body is very degrades the adhesion (adhesion of the composition of the painting).

So, the car must be:

liquid crystal display for car preparation for the job
  • well wash;
  • no dirt (fluff, asphaltic springs, etc.);
  • low in fat and dry.

Then, you can move on to the next phase.

Apply the Polish

After all the preparations, and if you do it the first time, it is best to choose a small area of the body and test the existing structure. Judging by the opinions on liquid glass for cars, some owners were waiting for a strong disappointment.

The first thing domestic the motorist is constantly facing, it is a fake. For the purchase in the market from an unknown retailer like cosmetics, that runs a high risk of running into fake. In this case, the maximum you can expect is a beautiful Polish that will peel off in a couple of weeks, well, the rest – the cat in the bag. So buy these compounds in the best brand, as well as demonstrate points of sale.

Features of the application of cosmetics

The following is the effects. The choice of a liquid crystal display, you can find compounds with any Supplement. That is to say, in the ordinary color of your body can be added the effects of mirrors, the dark, the range, or other "features". In the box it looks impressive, but in reality may seem very different. So the best is to try of liquid crystal in a small area of the body, and only then to process the whole drive. You should also keep in mind that these products are produced in two versions for light and dark coatings.

The process is similar to the sink: take a napkin and gently "wash" the car without missing any plot. Strongly RUB the composition, such as regular Polish, no need. After wandering around with a napkin on the body, it will change its color and quality characteristics, so jump to individual sections is quite difficult. And falls on liquid glass car paint much better than ordinary Polish.

After the application of cosmetics, you need to give him time to win a position. Most Japanese Polish needs a minimum of six hours, so that the composition of the acquired performance. Therefore, after performing work necessary to leave the car alone, and let the chemistry do its work.

What do you get?

At the end we get a perfect protection of the body from the external environment. If we bear in mind that the famous brand Japanese Willson and its products, liquid glass can withstand up to 50 main service car washes. The result is very, very good, because the alternative in the face of conventional expolit dissolve after 5-7 washes.

If you take the statistics collected by specialized auto forums, and reviews of the owners, we will see that a cover body with the liquid crystal has a duration of about six months. The procedure, generally performed before one of the seasons of the year. That is to say, a coating will be sufficient for all the summer transition to autumn or throughout the winter, with the spring.

liquid crystal display for cars the result

Worth it?

In addition to the practical benefits for the body, this receives a lot of attraction. After processing the car with liquid glass looks perfect and flawless, as if just descended from the conveyor belt. If you put the two cars close to where it is covered with a Polish of this plan, the difference is not only catches, and it hurts the eyes.

It should be mentioned, also, a major benefit with the washing of the car. If previously required of bathroom shampoo, lots of water and lots of towels to restore the shine, but now it is enough to wash the body of a small amount of liquid, and his faithful friend again shines. Even a small rain is enough to clean the car.

The owner polished it with liquid glass car is absolutely not terrible stains, dirt or small scratches. Yes, this makeup is different it is not cheap price, but it is worth the money, and the result, after the processing of the body, that will be awesome.