Reviews Silane Guard

  • Ivana
    Silane Guard – a great thing. Buy, covered the body, and the vehicle is in perfect condition. No longer is the first year of use. Dirt and dust will not accumulate, wash a car is easy, and I was not scared when the kids around his work. No scratches does not remain, and chemicals in the winter time not to damage the body, the oxide does not appear, in General, some advantages. I advise you to try! Still, it is better to prevent problems than pay the repair.
  • Ivica
    Notice that the other machine shines as something special. And it happens to me, and nothing changes, well, if only after washing, rub something. Decided to ask, he said that he buy liquid crystal silane guard. It turned out to be not only aesthetic, but also protection against damage, as well as my wife – Amateur accidentally grab a cart from the supermarket or the key accidentally to the body, and I decided this tool to buy.
  • Martina
    And "swallow" in the sink often travel, because I love it when she looks so good like me. The staff and service, proposed to cover the body with liquid crystal silane guard is the saving of money, and the result is long-term. Well, I agree, now is not happy, because she not only glitters, but less dirty, and not afraid to scratch.
  • Davor
    Our family has two cars, so I decided to wash less often and do not drive continuously with the sanding scratches, better to cover with a liquid crystal silane guard. One bottle was enough for two cars. Inflicted the same, the difficulties were not found. Now is not scary to drive at any time. Any dirt or moisture is not terrible. In addition, the chemicals that clean in the winter the road surface, silane guard it also protects the good.
  • Mario
    When the woman calls me and begins to talk of guilt in his voice, I immediately spoil the mood, because I know that already do not fit in the garage, or do not see the next car in the car Park, then a Bush moved. In General, I was a frequent guest at the service station, where I was advised to cover the car with liquid crystal silane guard. So now it hurts I don't know. I thought to do it, but purely for aesthetic purposes.
Reviews Silane Guard